Chapter 15: The Chosen One

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Ryan woke to the sound of Jade unchaining him. When she saw that he was awake, she let out a sigh of relief. The last thing she wanted was to drag him out of the chamber.

"Everything okay?" she asked Ryan. He nodded.

"Good, because I need you to follow me," she told him.

Ryan was feeling very hungry but he knew that it was the wrong time to ask for something to eat. He bit his lip and obeyed Jade. He kept consoling himself with the fact that he was no longer on the streets. The dark atmosphere invaded his soul once again. Jade had led him out of the chamber room and they were walking the hallow halls of the building once again, with closed doors everywhere. He had a million questions in his head, but he wasn't sure whether it was the right time to ask them. She led him to a staircase and she led him upstairs. The room upstairs was surrounded with glass windows and it had a slide in door. Ryan glanced inside and what he saw sent shivers down his spine. He saw training machines that didn't even look that they were meant for humans, but what made him feel even more uneasy was the fact that he saw actual humans training with the machines.

"You'll get more answers to the questions in your head if we step inside of the training room," Jade told him. He nodded and followed her inside. As soon as they entered the room everybody stopped what they were doing a lined up in straight vertical lines. For a moment, Ryan felt like he was in a military camp.

"These people will be your army," Jade started off, "you will be in charge of every single one of them. You will study their files and you will learn about them. You will see that I did not leave out even the slightest detail." Ryan was speechless. He looked at the people he was supposed to lead, they did not seem like fighters.

"In normal circumstances I would have given you some time to digest all of this, but unfortunately we don't have time," the man suddenly said. Ryan turned around and saw the masked man standing by the door. He watched as the man approached the both of them.

"Didn't I tell you that I would change your life Ryan?"

"You did but..."

"So now you are going to have to trust me even more. Every single person in your army has a unique trait, or power. These people are going to be under your leadership when we tear this town apart piece by piece by piece! Every single person will know exactly who we are. No stone in this city will be left unturned until we become its rulers!"

Ryan felt adrenaline run throughout his body as his listened to his new boss speak. The city had done so much to him and thought of sitting right on top of the mountain motivated him more than ever.

"So when do we get started?" he asked.

"First you need to discover what gifts I have given to you, then you need to know your army. After that, this city will be ours!"

Ryan looked across the room and looked back at Jade and his boss. He slowly smiled and for the very first time since he had met his boss and his assistant he felt more alive than ever.

"Let's get to work then," he told them. Jade and the masked man nodded in agreement.

"Back to training everyone!" Jade ordered, then she turned to Ryan, "you will train with the boss in a different room for now. He is the only one that can show you what you received."

"With that said follow me Ryan, oh and Jade, there was a little incident in town earlier on today. Apparently we've got ourselves a tornado former. Track him down and bring him here. He belongs with us." Jade nodded and quickly made her way out of the training room.

"Let's go Ryan, as I said, we need to start now." Ryan followed the masked man into a smaller training room which was inside the main room.

"Hey boss, you never told me your name," he said.

"My name isn't of any importance right now boy," the masked man replied as he shut the door, "now... Let's get down to business..."

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