Prologue Pt. 2: Discovery and Disdain

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Newark, New Jersey

        The plane touches down safely onto the tarmac before it rolls into position to release its passengers. People are eager to depart from the plane; international flights can make one feel uncomfortably cooped up, even for those in first class. One passenger, in particular, is simply happy to be back in her homeland. The flight itself was decent enough, considering the hundreds of travels she had been on with her chosen occupation. She was lucky to have seen the things she got to see, but this had to be the last for a while.

        Well, at least for the next eight months or so.

        Her luggage is light and easy to carry, so she rushes through the airport with her bag in hand, eyes darting through the crowds of people coming and going for any glimpse of the one person that matters. She feels the rush of cold come in from the outside through the doors that lead outside, and she pulls her jacket tighter around her. After spending some time in such a warm climate, she could not say she missed the chill of their winter.

        "Darling," a voice comes from her left—a voice so familiar, it resonates inside her and pulls her heart up to her throat. 

        When she turns, he is there, approaching her with open arms. She loses her breath at the sight of him, tears springing to her eyes. Her bag falls from her hand as she nearly collapses into his embrace, wrapping her arms around him. He catches her perfectly, always knowing how to hold her best, how to make her feel safe. He is her home.

        His laugh rumbles in his chest, and she swears she can feel it down to her toes. Only, when he leans down to give her a kiss, she has to turn her head. "Something wrong?" He asks in a worried tone, looking her up and down.

        She shakes her head, feeling her stomach turn. "I'm afraid my stomach hasn't settled since the plane. You know I hate airline meals."

        "Well, not everything is better in first class. I trust you had a safe trip, nonetheless?"

        "What does it look like?" She pulls back and looks up to his face, admiring the smile he has for her. Always the brightest smile for her.

        "Well, you seem to be in one piece," he teases, combing a curl of her red hair behind her ear. Then his hand slides down her side, his palm coming to rest over her abdomen. "But what about the little one?"

        For a moment, she thinks back to the expedition, her trip. She clears her throat and offers a reassuring smile, straightening his tie without having to think about it. "We are fine. And we want to go home."

        "No more trips?"

        "Not until the doctors give me the go."

        He looks at her with a knowing glint in his eyes. "In all the years I've known you, you've never been able to keep your feet on the ground. Always have to be off somewhere, discovering the wonders of the world. You sure you can handle staying around for a while?"

        She lets a laugh bubble up through her, warmth spreading through her despite the chill that keeps flowing their way from the doors. "Well, I have you, don't I?"

        "Yes, you do," he says before he reaches down to collect her bag for her. He steps to the side and offers her his other arm, which she accepts to link with her own. He glances from her face to her middle. "You both do."

        She accepts it for the moment as she lets him lead her out the doors towards their vehicle. Off to begin their family.

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