Chapter 6

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Naruto panted in exertion as she once again pulled out a kunai and ran at her sensei. She knew that she was a recently graduated genin, but DAMN, Kakashi was strong as fuck. He didn't even look like her was trying, although he didn't have his book out. Naruto had demanded that she never see him with that disgusting thing in public again. Thankfully, he abided by her request.

"Wait Naruto." Kakashi instructed gently, "Before you strike, you always give a slight tell. You move your hips in the direction that you're planning to attack. That's definitely going to be a problem in the future if we don't fix it now. Here, try it this way." He slightly adjusted the way that she was standing in, moving her feet into a position that left her next move much less obvious.

Naruto's own taijutsu style was strange. She had adjusted it slightly since becoming apprenticed to Kakashi, but she still kept the same principles. Like before, she struck her enemies pressure points, causing them to lose feeling in isolated parts of their body. However, unlike her original style, she also managed to strengthen the force of her blows. Now, instead of striking delicately like the Hyuuga, she could incorporate different kicks into her style, although she still couldn't punch. A closed fist didn't have the same accuracy as the tips of her fingers. (A/n: if anyone wants an example of her fighting style, think Ty Lee from Avatar: the Last Airbender).

She also used a lot of acrobatic moves in order to land hits. She was quick and precise as well as painful. Although most chi points caused very little pain when struck, certain ones could leave someone writhing in agony. She had never used those ones before, not even on Mizuki. She didn't feel like it was necessary to cause people excess amounts of torment. She found it slightly repulsive. Pain wasn't a thing to be celebrated.

Still, even with that thought in mind, she still found herself aiming all of her kicks and hits at spots that could kill her sensei, though it was probably just because she was confident that he could dodge them all. He wasn't a jounin for nothing after all. Even so, she felt guilty for not even hesitating to go in for the kill. She guessed years of living in constant fear of attack would do that. Oh well, there was nothing that she could do about it now. Besides, it was good for shinobi to have strong reflexes as well as the ability to kill.

She groaned in pain as Kakashi once again landed a solid hit on her small body. She fell to the ground in defeat. She couldn't even call on her shadow clones in this situation because they both agreed it was a taijutsu only spar.

"I give." She said, raising her hands, "You win."

"You did well Naru. Nor many rookie genin could spar with me for that long and keep up. I'm proud of you."

Kakashi had dropped the honorifics on Naruto's name about a week ago. They had grown so close over the past years, it was a wonder that it hadn't happened earlier. Now, Kakashi sometimes Called Naru-nee his 'Imouto' in order to tease her, just as Itachi had. Naruto dint find it amusing at all.

"Thanks Kakashi-sensei. But I was wondering, I was thinking that I need to be able to incorporate more force into my blows. I also need to incorporate ninjitsu more frequently. It's an obvious weak point for me..." Her voice trailed off into inconsistent mumbling as she worked out her problem in her head. Kakashi definitely needed to break that habit of hers.

"Mah Naru, we need to work on your ninjitsu individually before we even start to work it into your hand to hand combat, okay?"

"Right Kakashi-sensei."

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