Chapter Forty Three

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The School Holiday's We're upon us.
It was a week and three day's since Blayze came home from Hospital and a week and two days since Blayze went to see Hunter before He was released from the lockup.
Blayze wasn't lying about getting Mini Blayze working while He stayed.
We picked the Teenager up after our much needed Date Night last night.
He'd barely managed to settle in before Blayze woke him up this morning with an order to get dressed.
Luckily for Mini Blayze, though, they weren't putting in a full day of work today, because we had other guests arriving tonight.
If you could call Friends 'guests'.
"Knock, knock!"
A muffled call came from the outside of the house.
I dropped my Tea Towel onto the kitchen bench and moved towards the door.
Said door eased open, allowing Hayley and Baby Summer to enter the House.
I greeted the pair.
Both Hayley and I looked down to find Luka running over.
I couldn't help but smile.
The more People around, the merrier, in my eldest Son's opinion!
"Hi Luka!"
Hayley greeted the Toddler, before turning her gaze to Me.
"We're not too early are we?"
She worried.
I shook my head.
"Of course not!"
"Blayze just isn't in yet, but He shouldn't be too long."
An expression of complete amusement filled Hayley's face, her grey eyes as bright as a Christmas Tree's lights.
I threw a hand over my mouth in an effort to hold my own laughter in.
Blayze wasn't keen for the topic of Hunter's love for Him to ever be spoken of again.
But, all of us except for Blayze, kept losing it to laughter.
Homosexuality was of course no joke, but Blazye was so shocked and disturbed by Hunter's declaration that He couldn't stand even the mention of it.
Around Blayze, of course, I tried hard to keep a blank face, or just plain and simple not mention it.
He seemed to prefer the latter.
I warned Hayley.
It would quickly piss Blayze off if He knew it was being spoken about.
It was two days since Hunter's reveal and still very much a sore subject for Mr. Straight Man - A.K.A Blayze.
"I said nothing!"
Hayley yelped, her eyes going wide.
I eyed my best friend and her Baby and my now once again closed front door.
"Keegan's not with you?"
Hayley looked over her shoulder, towards the door.
"He should have been right behind Me..."
The door opened to reveal Codie, followed by Keegan and then two significantly smaller People.
Like a light bulb went off in my mind, I remembered Hayley and Keegan had agreed wholeheartedly to come over, but had asked if Keegan's Sister and Brother, Giselle and Jackson, who were staying with them for the School holidays would be able to come over too.
"Hey Keegz!"
I greeted Blayze's best friend and Hayley's Baby Daddy and Fiancé.
"Afternoon Bails."
Keegan drawled.
Smiling, I shook my head.
"Hi Giselle and Jackson."
I greeted the Teenager's.
Giselle replied, smiling brightly.
Jackson added, stuffing his hands into the front pocket's of his shorts.
"Would anybody like a drink?"
I offered, glancing from face to face.
Keegan nodded.
"Beer would be perfect."
"Can I have one too?"
Jackson asked hopefully.
Giselle scowled at her year younger Brother and elbowed his ribs.
Jackson hissed in pain, shooting his Sister a glare.
"Not on my watch!"
Hayley denied, her grey eyes widening.
"Or mine."
Keegan grumbled, shooting his Brother a frown.
"I bet you were having beer at my age!"
Jackson protested.
Keegan's blue eyes widened.
"I was not drinking at thirteen!"
Codie walked past him and coughed not so subtly.
"Wasn't far off it."
He muttered in a barely audible tone.
"Shut up!"
Keegan shot him a glare.
Laughing, Codie dodged Keegan's fist and scampered into the Kitchen.
"Could you grab Keegan a beer please, Codie?"
I requested.
"On it."
He agreed, opening the fridge.
I turned back to Hayley and the Teenager's seeing as Codie was taking care of Keegan.
Or trying to get him in trouble.
"I'd love a Cuppa, please."
Hayley requested.
I nodded.
That was easy enough.
"Ooh! Can I too, please?"
Giselle asked, practically bouncing on her toes.
"Of course."
I nodded.
I asked, turning to the thirteen year old.
"Umm... what else do you have?"
He questioned.
"Uhh... Water, Red Cordial, Green Cordial, Tropical or Orange and Mango Juice and we have can's of Coke, Fanta and Doctor Pepper."
I practically watched each option float through Keegan's Baby Brother's mind.
"Coke please."
He finally requested.
I turned on my heel to find that Keegan had now joined Codie in the kitchen.
"Could one of you please grab Jackson a coke?"
I asked, seeing as the alternative was to ask them to move out of the way.
At least this way I could put the kettle on and prepare Hayley and Giselle's Cup's of Tea!
Codie once again opened the fridge and nodded for Keegan to get the Coke.
Keegan leaned down a snagged a can of Coke from the second to bottom shelf.
"Hayl's, I know how You have your Tea, but what about You, Giselle?"
I asked, making my way to the kettle.
"A bit milky and two sugar's, please!"
Keegan's Sister chirped.
I called back.
"Grandma gives us one sugar."
Jackson butted in.
"Shut up!"
Giselle hissed.
"You guys!"
Hayley warned.
"Shut it both of you."
Keegan ordered.

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