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Louis groans as he tries to open his eyes, his head pounding.

He decides to keep them shut, and cuddle into Harry. Only Harry isn't there, the sheets are cold.

Louis whines, opens his eyes, and sits up, "Haz?" he yells, then winces.

He heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and then Harry's head pops into the room. "Yeah, Lou?" Harry's voice sounds gravely, and he looks pale.

Louis makes grabby hands, "you left me..."

Harry sighs, and walks into the room. "I had to look after Winter, love." he walks over to the bed side table, and picks up the water and nurofen he left on the side table. "here, take this, Lou," Harry gives him the pain medication, and water for his hangover.

The Omega then goes over to the other side of the bed, laying back down, Louis follows him with his eyes. The Alpha takes the tablet, and sets the water that he didn't drink on the bed side table.

He lays back down, and turns his body to Harry. "Are you feeling okay, baby?" he asks giving Harry a light peck on the check.

"Yeah," Harry mumbles, feeling a little nacious.

"Okay, baby. Tell me if you need me to do anything for you." Louis says, wrapping his arm around Harry, and holding him close. He's not really sure what's wrong with Harry, but his boy seems off.

He hopes he is alright. He closes his eyes, head still throbbing. Besides from Harry being strange, and Louis' head hurting, Louis thinks he could stay like this forever.

Just him, Harry, and Winter. And any future children... Louis thinks, and sucks in a deep breath when he thinks about Joseph.

He keeps thinking ahead, his mind drifting off to the future. Will Harry not want him to see the baby? How often will he see it?

All these questions, and more swirl around his head, making him feel sick.

Louis removes himself from against Harry's body, and gets out of bed. He has an idea, he is going to ask Anne to babysit, and have a romantic night with Harry. He picks up a sweater off the ground, which happens to be Harry's. He puts it on, feeling a little bit chilly, and sighs when realising he has sweater paws.

He walks down the stairs, feet padding against the floor. Once he gets down the stairs, he looks into the lounge room, Anne is sitting on the couch watching reruns of sex and the city.

"Anne?" he says, just audible to his mates mother.

She glances over his way, "yes, Louis?"

"Can we talk?" he asks, running his sweater pawed hand over his arm.

"Sure," she pats the seat next to her. Louis hesitantly walks over to her, sitting on the soft grey couch. "What can I help you with?" she asks, not in a mean way, but not in the old loving way he used to get.

"Do you think you would be able to babysit Winter tonight? I was going to plan dinner for Harry at my house..."

"Yeah, yeah, okay. Aren't your parents, and sister home, though?" Anne questions.

"Oh. Yeah, I'll need to ask them if I can borrow the place for tonight." Louis mumbles, not understanding how he forgot that detail.

"No, no. You can stay here, I'll take winter over there to see your mum, step father and sister. It'll be great to catch up with them." she gives him a small smile, starting to warm up to him again.

"Thank you so much, Anne!" Louis practically squeals. He jumps up, and is about to run up stairs, when Anne grabs his arm.

He looks around confused, "please don't hurt my baby again, Louis... I can't handle seeing him so broken."

Louis looks at the ground, feeling ashamed. "I won't, Anne. I'll never do anything like that to him again. I love him, more than anything."

"I believe you, Louis."


"Louis? What is all this? Where is Winter, and mum?" Harry asks, looking around the bathroom. The lights are dimmed, candles surrounding the room, and there are even petals in the filled bath tub.

Louis rubs the back of his neck, "I know this is kind of stupid, but I wanted a romantic sort of night. I even got bubbles!"

"Bubble bath!" Harry tells, excitedly.

"No... Alcohol bubbles," Louis chuckles nervously.

"Oh! That's cool, too. This is awesome Lou! Can we get in?" Harry asks, clapping his hands together.

"Yes! Do you want to go in first, because you know you're bigger." Louis asks.

"Oh, I know I am," Harry smirks, looking at Louis' pants.

Louis huffs, and pouts, "that's rude."

"At least you're bugger during your rut, him," Harry giggles, and start stripping off his clothes.

Louis rolls his eyes, and starts doing the same.

Once Harry has got in, ans sunken himself into the hot water, Louis gets in after him, practically laying on top of him.

Harry reaches up, gently moving a piece of Louis' fridge that was resting on his eyelash.

"You're the most beautiful human being..." Louis comments out of no where. "Ever since I met you, I wanted to make you feel like the most important person," Louis whispers, "those bullies, I hated them. Harry, you're the most caring, incredible, talented, loving person in this world. I don't know how they didn't see that, I promised myself I would protect you from that day on." Louis looks down at Harry's chest, tracing random patterns. "I have hurt you, Harry. But I promise you, I love you more than anything. You're my world."

Harry smiles, leaning down in an awkward position to brush his lips against Louis'.

"You will never understand how much I love you, Louis William Tomlinson."

Louis slots their lips together, carefully living his against Harry's. Nothing could hurt them in this moment. Each other was all they ever needed. Harry needed someone to belive in him, and Louis needed someone to protect, but also someone he could be vulnerable in front of. And thats what they got from each other. And nothing, nothing in this world could destroy that.

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