The Last Supper

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Yoongi and Hoseok were both sitting at the same cafeteria table, both munching away at their dinners in silence. Their end of the table was uncrowded and undisturbed, while other parts of the cafeteria were crowded with elbows-into-elbows and raucous voices.

Hoseok's eyes were narrowed, his brain ticking through the laundry list of things that he'd wanted to be sure were prepared before their partner envoy landed in camp. He was convinced that he was missing something.

Yoongi's small dark eyes kept staring at his plate but not really seeing the steaming rice and curry in front of him

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Yoongi's small dark eyes kept staring at his plate but not really seeing the steaming rice and curry in front of him. He was still worrying about the state of Joon, about The Artifact feeling so far out of their grasp, and about whether or not it was time to finally tell Hoseok what was going on.

They continued their meal in thoughtful silence.

Hoseok's attention perked up as he saw the slender, boyish young Vernon bounce into the cafeteria with a bright smile on his face. He wasn't alone. Kim Taehyung's head of crimpled silver hair bounced along behind him, and both young men walked through the cafeteria line and prepared two trays piled high with food, making four trays of food between them.

Vernon said something in a cracking voice, and Taehyung elbowed the young man's arm as he laughed.

The sight made Hoseok smile.

"What are you lookin' at?" Yoongi asked gruffly. "Spot your girlfriend?"

Hoseok rolled his eyes. "You really don't wanna let it go, do you?"

"The fact that she slept in your room last night? And that she'll do the same tonight?" Yoongi shoved an extra large spoonful of nutty curry into his mouth and said through his muffled mouthful, "Why would I let that go? It's poetry. Beautiful and tragic." He munched at his bite and swallowed.

"Beautiful and tragic? How's that?" Hoseok shifted his food around on his plate without taking another bite.

"Because this is a prime opportunity to get a lil' closer. And I don't just mean physically, so don't give me that look."

Hoseok continued giving Yoongi said critical look.

Yoongi went on, "Anyway, it's a prime opportunity, but you're gonna be all noble diplomat about it and treat it like some kinda civic duty instead of being chill, I just know it."

"Who says I can't be chill? So Shae is gonna sleep in my bunk. It's not like she hasn't slept in my bed before, and I was chill the first time."

Yoongi gave a raspy laugh. "You say that so casually, it's amazing. Truly."

Hoseok's cheeks flushed red. "I ONLY MEANT. Back on the ship, before we got here..."

"No, no. You've already said it. You can't take it back. How casual you are, about having a woman in your bed. I'm shocked." Yoongi was enjoying making his best friend squirm.

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