Chapter Forty

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"Really?!" Malik asked and I was honestly glad. I didn't want to stay there forever. I was still scared, I admit but with my man next to me, what can go wrong?!

"Yeah, but Derek is staying. He is having some therapy problems. He is addicted to his girlfriend and he isn't taking it very well. A therapist is working with him and he should be fine. Until then he will stay here because he is classified as dangerous," Mera said. Honestly I felt sorry for my brother. He was addicted to that bitch. I was mad at him still because he gave me to her but I had to admit he was trapped.

"Okay! Thanks, mom!" Malik said and I smiled at him. I was still not used to him calling her mom but it made me happy that he was kind of fine when I was not there. A woman, that he thought of as a woman figure, took care of him and helped him find me. He was a tough guy but a sweetheart inside so I knew how much that meant to him actually and the time that it came in was really good. I mean instead of being alone he had someone he could rely on and someone who could help him with his anger.

He was the sweetest but at times he could be the meanest. I could never be happier with his love for me. It just made me feel so special. He was the kindest but at times he was the rudest. I don't know how but his eye color changed according to that. It just felt like when he was talking to me his eye color changed and had more glitter. I was certain that he loved me. I smiled when I found him looking at me. He smiled back and I was honestly glad I could make him smile. The glitter in his eyes trapped me in. I couldn't remove my eyes from him. I wanted to be in his arms now.

He walked to me and put me in his arms leaving me there shocked. Was he a kind reader or something?! Soon enough, I got over it and hugged him back. I have been staying in those arms much more lately. He carried me and then sat on a chair with me on his lap. I rested my head on his shoulder. I could imagine being there forever. I could stay forever in his arms if he allows me of course. I could imagine being next for him till my last breath.

I felt his lips on my forehead and I looked at him and smiled. I looked at my father and found him talking to Mera. Leonardo was looking at me and Malik which made me blush. I looked down a little and I could see a smile forming on Leo's lips. I smiled and then decided that I had to get out of my thoughts. I would be there if Malik wanted me there end of the deal. It's stupid to give someone your happiness like I did but I was sure who I was giving it to. No one would love me like Malik did. No one would protect me like Malik did.

"So sir, you need to rest well, and you can call me whenever there's any pain," Mera ended her talk which I didn't really listen to and then started walking to us. I looked at Malik who was watching her every move and expecting the next one. He knew that she would come to me.

"As for you, baby girl, well, you see, you need to rest. Stick to someone you trust the most to avoid any panic attacks. I will help you with them until they stop but in general do. Your physical health is pretty good now. You are perfectly fine. Some cuts and scars are still there but I will give you a cream that will help. I know that you probably don't want those scars. She said and I nodded. Of course, I didn't.

"Malik, I know that you will anyway, but tak care of her. If there is anything, call me and you should visit me every now and then. You two are the children I never had. Take care of each other and well, look you're relation won't be like a story or a novel. It will have ups and downs just talk through it. Malik loves you and you love him so don't risk the sweet thing that you have now," she said and I nodded. I needed advices and I would gladly take them. I have only dated twice. Or once because they were the same guy. I don't know.

She was so lovely. I really liked her. She really seemed to care about Malik. She also encouraged me with that talk. I looked at Malik and he nodded and smiled. I held into him tighter feeling the need to be next to him the closest I could. He didn't look at me he just warped me in tighter. Listening to Mera's instructions carefully. I didn't bother listening. I rested my head on my beloved's chest listening to his heart beat that could warm me up. I really hope that I could listen to them forever. I looked at Malik and for some reasons, I had some kind of pain when I thought that he was my boyfriend. I couldn't understand why until few minutes after. I wanted him as more. But what could be more?! He was my boyfriend and lover. He was my protecter what did I want more?! The question was soon answered when a nurse came in.

I held into Malik but kept an eye on her. She gave something to Mera which showed the wedding ring on her finger. I turned a deep shade of red as I realized what I wanted. I wanted him to be my all and I wanted to be his all. I wanted to give up on something that meant a lot to me just to take the thing that meant a lot to him. Shit! I want him as nothing less than a husband... I wanted his ring. I wahted to carry his kids. I wanted to have his all as he had my all.. Oh my God!

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