Chapter 3

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The screen was entirely black for a moment. It kinda scared me when the screen changed to a snowy enviroment. A small, pixelated human-like child stared at us, as if we were the game.

I looked at Susie, who appeared confused. She was staring blankly at the screen.

"Susie, are you okay?" I asked Susie. She didn't respond. I waved my hand in front of her, which snapped her out of it. I giggled and continued the game.

The game wasn't like it was the laat time I played. Sometimes, my character moved somewhere else. Every time I went into a battle, the character would fight. It wasn't me who was controlling them.

"What's going on?" I mumbled. Susie looked at me, confused. She said nothing though and continued watching.

As I got to Snowdin, I felt sick. It wasn't like 'oh, I have a small stomach ache' sick. It was a 'I'm gonna die' sick. I had noticed Susie looked ill as well. She laid on ny bed, groaning.

"Fuck.. I feel shitty." Susie said quietly. She passed out, I did as well.

You know, all I wanted was to play a game with Susie. Not be in the game.

I had woken up in the snow, my outfit changed a lot. Wasn't my style, more like Susie's.

The outfit had a purple sweater with a black vest. On my arms were spiked bracelets, which I took off. My pants were magenta, tucked into black boots. A heart belt held the pants up.

I sighed, walking around. I called for help, freezing. The vest did not help at all. Despite being a reindeer, it was way too cold for me.

A purple spot was in the snow. I approached, afraid but curious. As I got closer, I noticed I was shaking. Most likely from fear. I finally got close enough to touch it. My hand touched the snow instead, and Susie pops out.

"GET AWAY YOU FU-" She screams, holding an axe above my head. I screeched and fell back, my arms shielding my head. I closed my eyes, facing down at the snow. My name was called.

"Noelle? Oh thank goodness. I thought I was alone." Susie sighed in relief as I heard her drop the weapon. I looked up, seeing we had the same outfit. She still had the bracelets on.

Susie held her hand out to me, offering to help me up. I grabbed her hand and got up. In my hand was the bracelets, since I wasn't given a bag or anything. Dropping the spiked bracelets, I stopped shaking. I didn't like it anyway, but I wouldn't match with Susie.

I closed my eyes, but opened it again when I felt the bracelets being put on me. Susie was putting the fourth one on, but I didn't feel it. Probably from being numb by coldness.

"Just keep it on. You look good with it." Susie looked away, I swear her face was red. I blushed a bright red and let her. We both started walking, me leading the way as I knew the place.

There was dust everywhere, and I absolutely hated it. We both reached a monster-human hybrid. They looked like a childlike Kris with dog ears. They only repeated one thing.


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