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"Okay, okay. Now weve established that nobody is pregnant. Shall we have some drinks?" Louis says, a large grin on his face.

"Yes!" Niall yells. Harry rolls his eyes, and giggles.

"Oh! And we bought movies!" Zayn says, grabbing the DVDs out of his shoulder bag.

"Can we please watch 21 Jump Street, first?" Liam asks, Louis. More like begs.

"I don't see why not..." Louis says, looking at Liam weirdly.

Zayn chuckles, "idiots."

Harry pouts, "but he has A Star is Born... I wanna watch that!"

"Well, that's decided. My sunshine wants a star is born, so we are watching a start is born!" Louis finalised, clapping his hands together.

Harry smiles, whilst Liam frowns. He looks at Harry and fake pouts, and Harry just poked his tongue out at him.

Niall smiles at them, ans decides to get them a beer out each. He then takes the rest of the cans into the fridge.

Harry's sit's down on the couch, and sighs, feeling tired. He's going to have to book a doctors appointment soon... He is going to tell Louis first, though.

Suddenly, he feels weight on his knee. He looks up to see Louis has sat on his lap.

Harry tickles his side, causing Louis to let out a high pitched laugh.

"Alright, alright. I'm getting off." Louis puts his hands up in surrender, and gets off Harry's lap, sitting on the ground inbetween Harry's legs.

Niall, and Zayn sit on either side of Harry, whilst Liam sits next to Louis on the ground.

Louis crawls over to the television, clicking play on the disc player.

The movie starts, and the boys start drinking. We'll except Harry, even though Niall got him out one.

"You can have mine, babe," Harry whispers to his Alpha, passing him the beer. Louis twists his body around, and kisses Harry.

They watch the rest of the movie, and by the time it's finished, Louis is on the couch with Harry in his lap, and the rest of the boys were piled on eachother, on the floor.

Harry buries his face into Louis' neck, trying not to cry about the end of the movie.

"Its okay, baby," Louis slirs, tipsily.

"Well we better get going, lads," Liam says, helping Zayn, and Niall up, who are quite drunk. But not as drunk as Louis.

"You're right to drive home?" Harry asks, standing up from Louis' lap, Louis trying to pull him back.

"Yeah, I only had the one drink over an hour ago, ill be fine. Would you mind helping me get these two, to the car, though?" Liam asks, struggling to hold the both of them up.

"Yeah, yeah, sure." Harry says, walking over, and holding Niall around his waist. Niall giggles.

Louis growls, and stands up. "He's mine," he says, hugging Harry from the other side.

"Louis, everyone knows I'm yours. I'm just helping them get to the car. Go to our room!" Harry says, slightly annoyed, slightly amused about the situation.

Louis huffs, and whispers into Harry's ear, "I'm going to spank you, you're being a naughty boy."

Harry rolls his eyes, "maybe, now go to bed," Harry tells him again, then helps Liam take the boys out to the car.

"Are you going to be right with them?" Harry asks, watching as the two boys play slap each other in the back seat.

Liam smiles at them fondly, causing Harry to raise an eyebrow, "Yeah, I'll be right with them. Will you be alright with Louis? He drank heaps more!"

Harry chuckles, "Yeah, I'll be right with him."

Liam hugs Harry, "well I'll see you soon, look after yourself, yeah?"

Harry nods, and watched Liam get onto the car, and take off. Once he has gone he goes into the house, locks the door, and walks up the stairs to his room.

Louis is lying on the bed, when Harry walks in.

"Baby!" he stumbles up to his feet, and walks over to Harry, "I missed you so much," he slurs out, before kissing Harry's neck.

"Its time for bed, Lou..." Harry pulls him back, and kisses his forehead.

"But daddy wants to have fun with his Omega!" Louis buries his face in the crook of Harry's neck.

"You smell like Liam..."

"He just hugged me goodbye, Lou," Harry chuckles at his drunk boyfriend. "Come on, babe, bed."

Harry pulls himself away from Louis, takes off his jeans, and t-shirt, ans hops into bed with just his boxers on.

Louis does the same, well tries to. He falls onto the bed, and ends up getting Harry to help him.

Once they're both in bed, Louis curls himself up against Harry, wrapping his arm around the Omega.

Harry pushes himself back into Louis, loving the warmth radiating off him.

"I love you my beautiful baby. I'm sorry I'm a bad boyfriend."

Harry turns around, facing Louis. He gives him a kiss on his lips.

"I love you more, Lou, and you're the best boyfriend."

Louis shakes his head, eyes closed. He leans his head against Harry's.

"I love you most."

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