Jobless in 2019

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Welcome back to the princess of nobody blog and thank you so much for reading.

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( google images - no job search)

I was wondering how I would start this Blog.

Should I talk about  people's reactions  to finding out your unemployed. Weather that be family,friends or even complete strangers?

Or should I start off by explaining how amazingly difficult it is to actually find employment in 2019, let alone it being the start of a brand new year?

I decided to start with the horrible reactions I have received personally from people, once they find out I am in the no Job category of Life.

Lets start with family because naturally they are going to be the most understanding of your situation especially if your still living at home with your parents right?

Sadly in my case that is not so.

Maybe its because my family are the ones that see me everyday, see me doing nothing but playing The Sims and binge watching every season of Lost over the course of a week.

 What my family has not seen is the multiple jobs I have applied for and even Hand written in my little note book because I usually forget what I actually applied for, so the note book is quite handy.

What they haven't seen is my silent panic attacks at the thought of going for a job interview, what would I wear? What if I wear the wrong thing and look like an idiot? What if they ask me a question I cant answer? what if I don't get it? I would start asking myself.

But the Panic attacks and stress have been for nothing because no company has come knocking.

Not one call, not one interview.

So of course its now February and with that comes 1 whole month without employment for me.

No more money coming in and the savings have begun dwindling.

Of course if my family's reaction to having no job have been constant  comments like "your always on your computer", "get a job".

"I'm not giving you any money"

"you have no say in what we eat for dinner tonight, you don't have a job"

"seeing as your not doing anything this week you can do this for me, but I wont pay you to do it because you don't have a job"

"wow you look like you've had a busy day"


Friends have gotta be more supportive right?


Once you no longer have money to splash on your friends, to shout a movie ticket or pay for  everyone's lunch, the invites begin to disappear.

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