Chapter 11: Fun [/]

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As soon as they landed in Miami, Anaeya had to return to work

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As soon as they landed in Miami, Anaeya had to return to work. Christopher and Erick somehow managed to avoid everyone's questioning due to a shoot they had that day.

Unfortunately, Sylvia couldn't find anyone capable of watching after little Dayana so they had to bring the girl along. It was not a problem because Dayana seemed to have bonded with Joel, Richard and Zabdiel.

Especially Zabdiel.

It was adorable how Zabdiel treated the kid though. They didn't speak but made hand gestures which Zabdiel didn't seem to mind.

Rayna offered to follow, making an excuse that she had no classes and wanted to go to the beach. Anaeya quirked a smile, the girl just wanted to spend more time with Erick. In turn, Erick was quite delighted that she was following.

Though, the boy sitting next to her was an entirely different story. Anaeya looked at Christopher as he drove.

He noticed her watching and smiled, not saying anything. She raised an eyebrow at him, confused as to why he was silent.

In the midst of their journey, Zabdiel suddenly began cooking up a beat as Richard and Joel backed him up. Christopher contributed by drumming his fingers on the steering wheel. Erick joined in afterwards, rapping in Spanish.

Anaeya cheered as Rayna began to rap to the beat after Erick finished while Sylvia held Dayana's hands and waved in the air. The little girl giggled, enjoying.

Joel was shaking his head in amusement, recording the entire scene with his phone. Anaeya waved when he turned the phone at her.

"No soy lo que crees, y si te dejas llevar
No me hago responsable si tu corazón no puede recuperar
Tú ere' el bien, no
Yo soy el mal,
Y no suelo acostumbrar
Nunca me enseñaron a amar

Yo soy de esa' que toca el fin de semana no fallan en salir
La que te pichea si te acercas a mí
Dime, ¿qué te hace pensar que yo estaré pa' ti?
No me gusta esperar
Soy como una ilusion, no perdona
Salvaje como amazona
No existe quien me doma."

"Aye, Paloma Mami. Puedes catar?" Erick said, impressed. "Eres muy bueno. Perfecto."

"Practica," Rayna stated, quirking a smile. From the rear view mirror, Anaeya could see Sylvia elbowing Rayna, teasing her sister.

"We are here," Christopher said, the vehicle slowing down to a stop underneath a large tree. Richard slid the door of the van open as everyone got down. "We can either walk to the tent from here or use the motorcars."

"Motorcars?" Anaeya said, standing next to Christopher as he turned the engine off. He nodded, smiling at her. "I'll walk."

"Ana, you should try," Christopher suggested. She shook her head at him and went to speak to her sisters.

"I don't think she's been on a motorcar before," Joel said, shrugging. "She's a bit conservative."

"Conver-conse-" Erick struggled, frowning.

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