Chapter 19

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Three years later


"Ciara, you can do it, I have no doubt. Just remember that Cain favors his right and use that against him."

Ciara nodded even though she still felt unsure that she could defeat Cain for the position of third warrior of the coven.

"Babe...don't worry, you got this. Fighting is not about age and Cain may have 55 vampire years but he's got nothing on you okay?" Drew assured her again.

Ciara smiled. She wanted to kiss him but they were in the locker room of the coven gym and she was about to fight for the position of the third warrior and she didn't think it was appropriate.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" Drew said with a smirk and in a single move pulled her forward with a curved arm around her waist and kissed her till she lost all sense of self, time and place, she and Drew soon stood in a plane where only they existed.

After Drew let her go, he said, "Didn't I tell you that when you want something, you should just reach for it?"

Ciara gave a sheepish smile.

Someone's head appeared at the doorway of the locker room they were in. "Ciara, it's time."

"Good luck." Drew said as she walked out of the locker room to the arena which was actually a raised platform that looked like a boxing ring in the middle of the gym.

She didn't look at the raised podium to her left where Queen Meredith and the coven council were seated or the cheering crowd of people she'd come to know as not just coven and family but also as friends. Instead, she focused on her opponent Cain.

The bell rang and the fight began in earnest with the room unnaturally quiet as people watched the ensuing fight.

At first, it looked as though Ciara was winning with her speed and her fast reflexes but soon she began to weaken especially when Cain's powerful punch started connecting with her body.

Ciara decided once and for all to end the fight or else she was sure to lose so she went from passive-aggressive to full-on aggressiveness. Attacking without mercy and reaching for all of Cain's weak points. It only took a minute for Cain to realize what she was doing and before long he was also attacking just as aggressively.

The fight became intense in less than two minutes and the two opponents soon became a blur that only vampire eyes could track.

All of a sudden, Ciara was sprawled on the floor holding unto her stomach where Cain had delivered a full-force punch, Ciara sat up still holding her stomach and grunting in pain.

"Don't be a sissy and get up." Cain taunted circling her like sharks circled wounded prey in the water. "Do you want everyone in the coven to only remember you as the girl who was once blind, got Prince Drew's attention and then suddenly, became princess of the coven, because of her prettiness or better yet, how good she was in bed?"

Anger filled Ciara and she was a blur almost faster than vampire eyes as she jumped at Cain.


"Hey you! When did you get back?" Ciara said as Doyle came to join her on the roof where she normally sat to watch the sun fade away from the sky.

"Just now...I heard of your victory. So you're now third warrior huh?" Doyle teased.

Ciara laughed knowing that he was still remembering her early vampire stages when she was still struggling to control her thirst and she almost killed a blood donor.

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