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do not read if sensitive to the content of suicide.

To be honest, nothing really improved. The more Nines knew about Gavin, the more he could poke fun at him, light his fuse faster, and make him blow up louder and angrier.

While most of the precinct was amused by Gavin finally being put into his place, some people were starting to fear the growing tense atmosphere and toxic environment of Gavin yelling all day.

Nines found that Gavin, while always angry and annoyed at him, never really got emotionally hurt, so he took that as premission to keep going, even if part of him told him to stop.

Anger can always count as emotional hurt though, but even so Gavin never gave any hints that he was.

It's been a few months now, three exactly, and Gavin was coming into work more late, more exhausted, has been drinking more coffee that was more bitter, staying later at after hours, and was vaping on a lot.

His skin was paler, and he also looked like he lost weight, which he did, 5 pounds exactly.

This made Nines be more hard on him.

"You need to come into work earlier," he complained one morning.

"You've been getting lazy?"

Gavin didn't really fight back much, just flip the bird at Nines and slumpped down at his desk.

"The report you wrote was probably the poorest it's been Detective, you'll need to rewrite it."

No words, but Gavin did listen to him and started to rework it.

"You aren't getting sick aren't you? It would be a big pain if you were."

Still, nothing.

"Did you lose weight?"


"Fowler also told me you need to stop-"

"I KNOW THAT!" Gavin almost screams.

Nines sat up, his LED blinking yellow for a moment as the rest of the station jumped in their seats.

It goes quiet quickly after, eerily silent, silence so loud it was uncomfortable. Connor from across the area has covered his ears. He knew it, it was happening, but even if his ears were covered he could still hear.

"All you do Nines is just criticize and critize and criticize me!" Gavin snaps.

"You nitpick at every fucking detail of me, whether it be about my work or myself as a person! Mentally or physically!"

"I am merely-"

"Don't you fucking talk Mr. Inflated ego! You think you're all cool and shit and everyone loves you because you're better than the RK800 huh? Cause you pick at me piece by piece until I'm lying awake in bed wondering what's wrong with me huh?"

Nines looked confused, his LED yellow.

"You know! I'd probably be much happier if Connor was my partner cause at least he has experience with humans and know generally how they work!"

Gavin gets up from his seat, his hands on his desk, leaning over to Nines.

"You really are a fucking sick person, for smiling at another sick person, at a human victim who died, enjoying their pain while suffering while you sit back and relax. And you're supposed to be an upgrade? You seem more like a downgrade to me fucking android bitch. You'd be better off working at Eden Club then here with all that shit that comes out of your mouth."

Nines adjusts his tie while Gavin sits down and opens up his locked drawer.

"Detective Reed, I'll have you know I am specifically designed to for this job, so working in the Eden Club for me would be a waste of resource for the police station. While I do find-"

"Shut up okay? Just shut the fuck up."

Gavin takes his keys, and gets back up again, pushing in his chair.

"I'm going home, I've had enough of you. I used to love this job, and now I hate it."

He takes out his prized badge, all rusty and dirty from the years he's worked, from the effort he put into his career, and slammed it onto his desk. "I hate this place"ㅡhe turns to everyone around the stationㅡ"and everyone around here who just sits back and watches."

And just like that, he shoves his hands into his pant pockets, and left, without another word, walking with purpose.

Nines could only remember 3 things as Gavin left.

1) His locked cabinet was open. He could finally see what those pills were for.

2) His stress levels were at a 96%

And 3) Gavin Reed took his gun with him.

Nines went over to Gavin's desk. He found a bottle of pills, and on it had his full name, Gavin Reed Kamski, his doctors name, Dr. Juniper, and the medication and dosage he was taking.

He was taking an SSRI antidepressant, and the label described it was used for major depressive disorder.

There was also a black label, located on the side of the pill bottle that said,  

'May cause suicidal thoughts, use with caution.'

Before Nines could even recognize what he could have triggered, Connor has grabbed him by the collar of his uniform, screaming, yelling, and panicking, his LED flashing from blue to red.

"Nines! He took the gun, he took his gun Nines are you listening to me!? I told you you! You shouldn't have continued! Look at what the mess you made! Is this the goal you wanted? Are you happy yet Nines!?" Connor raised his voice at him, shaking him to help get his point across.


Nines's LED was flashing through all the colours quickly. He was... Confused.

"You fucking idiot! Aren't you supposed to be stronger, faster, and more resilient? Do something Nines or Gavin will never come back here alive."

Nines didn't know what to do.

Gavin was right when he said he knew nothing about humans.

What is he doing? Why was he laughing at the pain of humans? Of the human victims who died from abuse? From suicide? From those defending themselves? From being killed? Why never at the androids, who he only had sympathy for? Who is heart only ached for?

It was then, as Tina grabbed her waterproof coat and keys and sprung out the station, that he knew, that really, he was no different from Gavin, and that he was just as much, or maybe even more of, a monster than he was.

He needed to do something. His teasing has turned into a deadly weapon. 

Nines could only sit there, stunned and surprised as Connor yells and scolds him, as if he was the villain.

Maybe he was.


ooooh what's gonna happen y'all

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