Chapter 2

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Before I even had the chance to say anything concerning the ship's name, Caspian was already jogging ahead of us and called out for attention, "men!"

The crew quickly dropped all conversations to listen to their King. Caspian stood on the steps up to the wheel of the ship. He stared around at all of us as he spoke, "behold our castaways, Dawn the Enchanting, Edmund the Just and Lucy the Valiant. The High Queen, High King and Queen of Narnia."

As one the crew dropped to one knee which caused us to smile at the sight and the feeling of pure respect from everyone aboard.

We were led down into the ship, Caspian wanted us to change out of our wet clothes. Sadly for Lucy and I, there were no women's clothes so Caspian sorted us out with some of his. I had offered to Lucy to edit them using magic but she said she just wanted help with the sizing. I, on the other hand made completely new clothes out of some old materials. Caspian and Edmund re-joined us in the room after we had dressed and glanced at my clothes questioningly for a few moments before shaking their heads, neither of them needing to ask where they came from.

Lucy, Edmund, Caspian and I were now out of our wet clothes. Lucy dressed in a white shirt with a red embrodied over tunic and a pair of brown pants which were held up by a tight brown belt wrapped around her waist, her simply tied to one side, her hair had curled slightly ow that it had dried.

Edmund was wearing a slightly grey shirt with a light brown waist coat and a dark brown, leather sleeveless over jacket with some brown trousers and boots.

Caspian was dress in a handsome silk, purple shirt with a long, wine coloured overcoat with brown slacks with a gold belt around his waist. I finally got a good look at him, his hair was longer and he was definitely a few years older. He was taller as I had already noticed and he was growing a beard which oddly suited him and gave him a more rugged appearance. It also made him look older and more mature, less boyish than he had last time we had been in Narnia. He seemed to almost glow and he seemed excited and overjoyed. His expression never seeming to dim.

All in all, he looked good. Better than good.

I like Lucy was a white shirt though mine wasn't as large or long and had gold detailing

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I like Lucy was a white shirt though mine wasn't as large or long and had gold detailing. Over it I wore a brown leather corset and jacket with several belts attached along with a brown and reddish-brown skirt that stopped just above my knees. On my hands were fingerless leather gloves and my feet were covered by a magically shrunken pair of Caspian's boots. I had done that same for Lucy as our feet were much smaller than any of the mens' on board the ship. I quickly, with the help of my magic, braided my hair across the back of my head into a bun in a strange four-rowed, over-and-under style.

"Come, there is much for us to discuss," stated Caspian. He took my hand and led us out of the room now that we were all ready and dressed for the voyage.

Caspian led us through several narrow hallways before opening two large wooden doors each set with stained glass windows near the top and walked inside with us right on his heels as we stared around at the room in wonder.

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