Ch. 1 Part 3

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Y/n's Pov

   "it's great that we're helping the new kid and all but we have to think about our own safety!" eddie said, quickly and in a panicked voice. ben was riding with bill on his bike. 

   "e-e-eddie, c-c-calm down. h-h-he needs our h-help, he's bleeding." bill insisted.

eddie began going on and on about how easy it is to get aids but i didn't pay attention. i found his little rants adorable though, i just couldn't bring myself to concentrate.

we stopped on the side of the pharmacy, everyone threw their bikes down.

ben sat on a crate, putting a hand over his wound."r-richie, stay and keep watch," bill called out and ran to the entrance which was around the corner. stan, eddie, and i followed close behind bill.

   we raced to the medical supplies section. eddie began piling the supplies in his scrawny arms while stan counted the money.

   stan held up 5 crumbled dollars. "this is all we have."

   "is that gonna be enough?" bill asked. eddie began counting the supplies. after he counted the supplies, he shook his head, disappointed. an idea popped up in my mind.

   "stan, can i see the money?" i asked. he gave me a suspicious look and slowly handed me the money. i looked around and grabbed a package of bandages so it wouldn't look suspicious.

   "w-w-what are y-you doing?" bill asked. i leaned forward to them so only they could hear me.

   "i have an idea. grab everything you guys need and be ready to run. i'll meet you outside." i muttered.

   the boys gave me curious looks as i marched up to the counter.

   mr keene was sat at the counter. he's been rumored to be a pedofile and a pervert but who really knows anymore?

   i placed the box of bandages on the counter and leaned forward to face mr keene.

   "hey, mr keene. how are you today?" i greeted him, with a warm smile.

   he returned the smile. "hello, ms tozier. i'm doing good, how are you?"

   "just fine. i just wanted to say that i really love your glasses." i rested my chin in my hand.

   "why, thank you."

   "your fact, you look just like clark kent."

   "oh, i doubt that."

   "no, no it's true...can i try them?"

   mr keene's smile grew as i asked this. "oh, why not?" he handed them over and i placed them on my face. i glared up at him and his face lit up.

   "what do you think?" i asked. he began to lean forward.

   "i think you look just like lois lane." he rose an eyebrow, flirtatiously.

   i put a surprised expression on my face. "really?" mr keene nodded, assuringly. i took the glasses off "well, here you go..." as i handed him the glasses, i knocked over a cigarette stand.

   "oh, shoot. im so sorry." i fake apologized.

   "its ok." he muttered, before bending down to pick the cigarettes over. i looked back to the boys, signaling for them to run. bill and stan began running but eddie was almost frozen in place. it took a few seconds, but he snapped out of it and tripped as he ran outside.

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