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Sooyoung yelled a list of profanities that if I mentioned here would probably offend everybody.

Yerim covered her ears to block out Sooyoung and to cover it from people seeing.

So many people were surrounding the car that Sooyoung almost ran them over getting out.

      "Fuck damn bullshit no. God damnit! I just wanted to have a good day but the good for nothing lowlife brother of mine just had to get in the way! God! I just want to strangle him!"Sooyoung yelled as she made a motion of strangling somebody.

      Yerim fell silent as she felt she was the one to blame. She looked down and played with her fingers. 'If only the cap didn't fall off. If only I didn't talk to jimin,' Yerim thought.

    Sooyoung looked over at Yerim after yelling once more and frowned. She could see Yerim's eyes glistening, the pout and she could hear those quiet sobs.

    Sooyoung sighed and parked the car in an alleyway and got over to the other side, hugging her tightly. "Yah, Yerim-Ah don't cry. It's not your fault. I'm not angry at you. I promise,"Sooyoung stated calmly, as she rubbed her back.

       Sooyoung wiped Yerim's tears and patted her soft white ears. Sooyoung kissed her forehead which she thought was 'friendly' although it made Yerim blush a bright red, making her push Sooyoung off of her.

    "YAh! My bOobs!"Sooyoung laughed and yelled. Yerim turned red like a cherry.

     "Well! What was that kiss for!"Yerim laughed. This time Sooyoung was the one turning red.

     "I was trying to comfort you okay! Let's just..go!"Sooyoung huffed as she got up and drove back to the castle.


        Sooyoung swiftly arrived at the castle and parked. She grabbed Yerim's hand as they went through the secret entrance to avoid any press which Sooyoung was sure to have.

      Sooyoung knew she was going to get a scolding from her father so she decided to just avoid the throne room and office completely and sprinted upstairs while clutching Yerim's hand tightly.

    "Hey you still look upset. Wanna play a game?"Sooyoung asked as she played with Yerim's ears.

    "I guess...what game?"Yerim asked.

    "How about one where we get to know each other. We play rock, paper scissors and we get to ask questions about each other if we win!"Sooyoung explained.

      "That doesn't sound to complicated I guess!"Yerim finally decided.

They walked to Sooyoung's bedroom and now Yerim's too as her bedroom was just a smaller room that had a door attached to Sooyoung's.

Sooyoung won the first game.

"Hmm, have you ever dated anybody?"Sooyoung asked, full of curiosity.

Yerim simply shook her head. "I've liked somebody but that's irrelevant,"

"I wanna know though who!"Sooyoung whined.

"Isn't that a question?"Yerim cheekily said.

     "That's no fun!"Sooyoung pouted. Yerim stuck out her tongue and Sooyoung just rolled her eyes.

     "Well. You came up with the game sooo,"Yerim giggled.

    "Fine. Then let's cuddle and watch finding dory."Sooyoung suggested.

   Yerim slightly blushed at the cuddle part because she wasn't used to a lot of a skinship but it sounded soft so Yerim was on board.

    "Can I change into something else?"Yerim mumbled.

    Sooyoung's eyes lit up, remembering the clothes she bought at the mall and quickly rummaged through her big shopping bag, pulling up an oversized sweater.

    "YOu'll look sO soFt in thIs!"Sooyoung pretend fainted and smiled. Yerim simply smiled grabbing the sweater and changing in a corner where Sooyoung couldn't see her which greatly upset Sooyoung.

    "How do I look?"Yerim asked.

     Sooyoung looked at the girls pale legs and the realized that her new kink was Yerim's legs in oversized sweaters.

     "You look hot,"Sooyoung bluntly replied.

    Yerim blushed and punched her shoulder.

    "Ani. Don't say things that straightfoward!"Yerim whined. Sooyoung smirked at the other girl's reaction and tackle hugged the girl into the bed.

     Sooyoung cuddled with the girl and turned on the tv but for the whole time just stared at the beautiful girl in front of her.

   Holy fuck I think I like her.

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