What about Lucy?

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"Ring, ring, ring!!!!!!!" Goes my alarm, as it is it's another school day. I sat up looking at my alarm like an enemy and thinking..,,,,,,

Ahhhg!!!!!!, why don't I sell or lock you away? I thought concerning the alarm clock

The alarm clock seemed to answer me in it's ear piercing ring ring rhythm of ;" Oh no you can't, you need me, how else would you wake up to school early?. Except you find someone to replace me then I'll be jealous " it seemed to reply with my wild imagination.

"Typical" I said flatly, shaking my head, oh well I needed to get up at one point or I will actually be late for school.

I did my usual routine of the morning, kissed my mom good morning and left for school.


Classes started, but no Lucy......

She must just be running late, no need to panic, it can happen to anyone just like me I thought trying to calm down. Still looking around for any sign of her.

It was time for Biology class and this was Lucy's favorite class, if she misses it then I know something is wrong...

..... After Biology class then the lunch break....

No Lucy, what's happening? I immediately went looking for Jason , I spotted him in History class so I guess he's in the best position to explain what happened. So I scanned round the cafeteria... GOTCHA!!!! immediately I saw him but.... I saw him with.. with Amanda?

OK OK she's a childhood friend so its probably the reason she hangs out with him don't get any weird thought,  I tried calming down.

I headed towards their direction giving a smile mostly for Jason they immediately stopped their discussion upon my arrival with Amanda's mood changing to a frown....

Gosh! Seriously, why does she do that?

I ignored her giving my attention to Jason, what happened to your sis?, he replied :" well, Lucy is down with a Flu so couldn't make it to school, but she did say I should relay her message that the Flu isn't a serious one, she thought you'll worry and I can see why "

"Could you give me your address..... uh not that I wanna do anything with.... no I mean I mean I need it to visit your sister if that's ok with you? Then maybe become part of the family uh no I mean a friend to the family " I blabbed ending it with a nervous chuckle.

why do I keep embarrassing myself in his presence? Why?..... I internally questioned

Then I was snapped out of my train of thoughts with him handing a note with his uh I mean their home address. Secretly I smiled because this is an opportunity of knowing his house and maybe something more..

I thanked him and left not looking slightly at Amanda, I went looking for Adams, he seemed to be one of my closest friend and neighbor now, I told him about Lucy but it was in that moment I realized I was the only one who didn't know about her situation,in the midst of our clique, I felt dejected. But quickly got over it. I spent most of my time with Adams before the remaining class for the day were over.

I headed out waving goodbye to Adams before entering my ride home.

I asked the chauffeur if he could change his direction to the address on the note on my hand but he objected stating:" Sorry miss, but I'll be responsible for anything happening to you once you are in the car, and i wasn't instructed to take you someplace else other than the house."

I frowned at his answer but knew he was right and decided to........

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