In Celebration of 10k reads!

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10k reads! Holy Moly what is going on! XD

Some of you guys have been supporting me from the very beginning, and some of you have just stumbled across me now that Wattpad is featuring the story; whoever you and however long you have been reading-THANK YOU! :D

10k reads may not be a lot for some WP writers, but it is huge to me. 

In celebration of this milestone, I'm posting two deleted scenes from "Combustion." This story has been in the works for many years and I have many different drafts. The plot and characters have changed a lot, so you might notice inconsistencies. 

The following two chapters are not cannon :P lol 

I just thought I'd share a glimpse into the book's creation. It is unedited, as I feel like that would be disingenuous. I'm posting it exactly as it was when I decided to chop it completely from the book. 


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