Author's Note

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Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for choosing to read my story, Heart of the Sky! My Gay Titanic story has the honour of being part of the Wattpad Next program. In about a week, a certain amount of chapters will be totally free to read, but the rest of the book can be unlocked through purchasing coins so that you can have access to a heartfelt story of two boys who happen to fall in love.

Until then, you can read this entire story for free, so if you have this on your TBR list and you can't purchase coins or you're not in a supported region, then I totally recommend binging this book ASAP. 

Wattpad Next is a great opportunity for readers to support writers with their dreams of writing full-time. It will mean the world to me to have your support, and of course I will always have other stories that are totally free to read that you can check out at any time. I appreciate you all and thank you so much to everyone who has supported Heart of the Sky so far - you have gotten it to where it is today.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

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