The meeting

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Bendy P.O.V
Same thing
1.Parents bicthing at each other
2.Dont eat utill 8:30 pm
3.get yelled at for being a disappointment
I get up at 4:00 just to get my knifes
"Hey knife how ya doing?" I put my knife into my bag and go to the bathroom to take a shower after i got dressed i went  to the porch. Saw a puppy.......

Then i stabed it

Diseved to die anyway just to put it out put its misery i went to the street just to drop it off after i did a litte girl ran to it and



This was new to me i just stood the and wachted her cry i felt



"BASTARD" My dad yelled out the dumb bitch was supposed ro be asleep "Your riding with me" he said with a cold voice that would scare a normal person but im not a normal person so we got there at 5:30 he lit a cigarette i just watched the man do it and he kept glaring at me i looked back "psycho bitch" vice versa i didnt feel fased "so what are you waiting for? FUCK OUT OF MY MOTHERFUCKING CAR" whatever

Teresa P.O.v
I ran my ass of trying to get to school and not trying to be late last thing i saw was a demon i accidentally hit him in the head with my head *U STUPID CLUTS* i murmur under my breath i helped him up and apologized many times and said i had to be somewhere he said it was fine and we went our spreate ways

Bendy P.O.V
I dont know what that was



Am i having fellings for her i have to admit she was pretty cute and she could be my everything I like the way she makes me feel happy.

But she could have boys crushing after her dont worry

                     ILL KEEP YOU


cuz thats how much im gonna love

               WHAT EVER THE COST

To be Continued... Much Affection (Obsessed Yandere Bendy x Teresa)
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