forty three

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i slowly opened my eyes, facing david who just woke me up from a nap that i needed. "what time is it?" i asked, sitting on the bed.

he checked his phone. "almost six" i widened my eyes.

"why did you let me sleep for so long?" i stood up, going straight to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

david followed my steps. "you looked like you needed to sleep so i didn't want to wake you up" he explained. "i woke you up now because everybody is here so we can hang out"

"dave i look like trash" i groaned after washing my face.

"you look beautiful" he rolled his eyes. he was lying. i was wearing a giant shirt that i always use to sleep with a lot of stains and a legging. "i'm waiting for you at the living room" and
david left.

i went back to his room and took off my shirt, getting a cropped clickbait hoodie he gave me earlier, putting my hair in a ponytail after. then, i heard everyone talking. to be honest, i was a little bit nervous to see all of them. i haven't talked to them in so long. yes, of course i saw everyone at parties and stuff, but i just waved, we didn't catch up. so i'm nervous that they are going to think that i was avoiding them or something. also, they all know i'm back with david, but i got busy this past week, so he was mostly at my place, being just the two of us.

i shook my head, trying to take these thoughts out of my mind and went to the living room. when i got there, i saw zane, todd, jeff, jason, erin, carly, natalie, casandra, stassie, kelsey, hannah, matt and an unknown guy. i put on my best smile. "hey guys" i said and they turned to me.

"phe!" zane got up quickly and came to hug me. i hugged him back, laughing. "i missed you bitch! you never answer my texts!"

"sorry, i'll explain later okay?" i winked and he nodded. david came back from the kitchen and smiled at me.

zane went back to his seat and david grabbed my hand so we could go sit too. "oh, this is mike" he pointed to the unknown guy. "mike, this is my girlfriend, ophelia" and i froze, falling down on the couch behind me. everyone was talking but when he said that, they all stopped, in shock i guess.

did he just address me as his girlfriend? oh my god this is a dream. "your what?" erin gasped.

"my girlfriend" he looked down at me and sat by side.

"oh, finally!" matt exclaimed and i laughed nervously.

i looked around and saw kelsey looking weirdly at me, but i didn't care. i was so focused on what happened that i was only going to remember this later. "she's in shock" hannah giggled.

"i didn't know that this was going to happen so soon" i said and stared david.

"soon? it took him months!" i heard carly mention. then, david put his arm around my shoulders, pushing me closer to him.

"okay guys, there's nothing to see here, c'mon" david said and they laughed, getting back to the original subject.

"follow me" i instructed him, getting up and making my way towards the kitchen. i leaned against the counter and when david stopped in front of me, i put my hands on his neck, pressing my lips against his. "i love you so fucking much" i mumbled into his lips.

"i love you too" he smiled.

"i didn't want to bring up this whole dating thing and, oh my god, i'm about to start crying" i said joking, but at the same time i told him the truth. i'm so emotional that i'm near tears here.

"we're dating since the second day of this year when you came here four in the morning to tell me you love me" he gave me a goofy smile, putting his hand on my cheek, rubbing it with his thumb. i closed my eyes, sighing and feeling at peace. "i don't know if that's okay, i don't know if you want flowers and a big sign..." he stopped when i laughed.

"this is perfect, okay?" i said now looking deeply in his eyes. "i will love and appreciate everything you do, it doesn't matter if it's big or not, do you understand? i don't even like things like that!"

"okay" he nodded. "i need to formally ask now: ophelia ruggiero, do you want to be my girlfriend?"

"that's not my full name, but yes, i definitely want to be your girlfriend" i giggled, kissing him again. 

"are you hungry?" david asked after i pulled away and hugged him.

"very" my stomach was about to start making weird noises at that point.

"do you wanna order something?" i stopped to think for a moment and shook my head.

"i will just go buy something at the grocery store to cook for us" i bit my bottom lip.

"if you want to" he shrugged and i smiled widely.

"can i drive the tesla?" i looked at him with puppy eyes.

david groaned. "yes, you can" i cheered, clapping my hands in excitement. we went back to the living room.

"i'm going to the grocery store, do you guys need anything?" i asked, looking at everyone's faces.

"let me go with you!" hannah got up when everyone said no. i put on my slides at the door and grabbed david's key, leaving the house. "oh, you're driving the tesla!" she exclaimed and i laughed, starting to drive to the nearest place.

we grabbed some ingredients but i forgot my new credit card in the car. "oh shit, can you go grab it for me?" i asked, while i was holding some stuff. she nodded, giving me her phone to go grab it. i waited in the line for her.

but then, i noticed that her phone was unlocked on her texts with kelsey. i wasn't going to read until i saw my name. that's when i realized why kelsey was so confused when david said i was his girlfriend, and looked at me with a weird face.

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