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Maria was always an shy, anxius person.

Coming from an abusive but poor family, being homeless then meeting her abusive ex boyfriend.

Yeah, pretty much of horror ride story.

She never expected to end up in college.

But oh, not any college.

A Queen's college, that is.

She had never really been up to dating ever since her last and first ex boyfriend was put up in jail for assault and sexual harrasment of a woman.

She had other plans for her future, she wanted to be an doctor.

But if something shifts in plan, she would go for teacher for children with special needs.

She had been taken to therapy.

She had PTSD and anxiety over her body.

Most of the girls in her classroom were pretty much skinny, taller, while she was plumpy, more curvier, shorter, and had scretch marks on her thighs, tits and on her hips (hAH SAME MAR ;-;)

But no matter what she thought, she was beutifull on inside and outside.

She had curly black hair, which she dyed with deep crimson red which totally fit her more.

She had hazy brown eyes, which looked like she had small golden sparkly crystalls in her eyes.

But mostly, she would cover one of her eye with her hair.

She had plumpy lips which she mostly put on red lipstick but also with soft brown.

Due that she was shy, anxius or nervous, her beuty on inside was more graceful.

She was kind of that person who was shy but always ready to help somebody with her best way, just like this author who is telling you this smut.

But oh b o i, Maria had one sensitive limit inside of her, that she never opened to anyone.

She was a queer, homosexual to be more specific.

She knew there was an LGBT club in college, in state but was too anxius to go for herself.

But anyways, whatever it was, it was end of the college.

Ad everyone in college signed up for this big party authorized by Thomas Jefferson.

And everyone was invited!

And now here she was, in her apartment trying to fit whatever she could wear.

No, she didn't had dorm for obvious reason, well..there were 3 of them

1. she didn't wanted to have roomates, cause anxiety is bitch yall

2. dorms were huge pain in ass, and pretty much expensive, and even tho apartments weren't much better option, she still was getting money from Fination help and the Law. Bseides, the principal of Queen's college is paying her semesters so she can pay rent freely.

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