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Jin: I'm outside

Jin: The nurses won't
let me in even though
I'm the father

Jin: ... was the father

Jin: Y/N I'm so so sorry

You: They won't let you
in because I told them
not to

You: You don't have to
pretend to care anymore

You: You being here is
hurting me more please
go home

Jin: No please Y/N

Jin: I made a horrible
mistake for leaving
you alone


You: I don't want
you here

Jin: Y/N I'm sorry

Jin: Y/N?


Sydney: Yoongz

Yoongi: Are you

Sydney: Please explain
why Seokjin is outside
the hospital room

Yoongi: What?!

Yoongi: He told us he
was driving home!

Sydney: Can someone
come get him before
Yuwei and Sedona see

Sydney: They are not
as rational as I am

Yoongi: Yeah I'll
come get him

Yoongi: .. Give Y/N
our love

Yoongi: Tell her that
no matter what goes
on between her and
Hyung we will still
support her

Sydney: Thanks Yoongz


Yuna: Leaving while
I was asleep was a bit
of a dick mood

Yuna: You could have
at least woken me up

Yuna: And now you're
ignoring me?

Sj: Not in the mood
right now

Yuna: What did I
even do

Sj: I told you I'm
not in the mood

Yuna: Jin come on

Sj: Seriously Yuna
fuck off now is not
the time!!!

Yuna: wow

Sj: You ever stop
to think about
anyone but yourself?!

Yuna: What?!

Sj: You're so selfish!

Sj: You only think
about your own feelings
and pleasure!

Yuna: What the fuck
is wrong with you??

Yuna: You are exactly
the same as me you
went into our
relationship for the
exact same reasons

Yuna: And yeah I can
be selfish but I'm not
a fucking asshole

Sj: Yeah

Sj: I am

Yuna: At least you know!!

Sj: I don't want to
do this anymore

Yuna: I shouldn't
have gotten back with
you to start with

Sj: I shouldn't have
agreed to be with you

Sj: I'm sorry but
it's over. It's done

Yuna: Yeah

Yuna: Bye Jin


Yg: Are you up?

Nj: Yeah

Nj: I'm waiting
for Jin Hyung

Yg: He's at the

Nj: What??

Yg: Sydney called

Yg: Can you come with
me to get him?

Nj: Ffs

Nj: Yeah give me a
minute to get ready

Yg: Ok


AN: Ok update number 4 today hope you are satisfied lol

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