Chapter One

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EDIT: No this is not a one direction fanfiction. I wrote this book before One Direction was even a band. This is like the OG band story. Like 2008 Quizilla. That old. HOWEVER if picturing real people as the guys in this band is what you want to do, please feel free to!

"Iris! Hurry up!" my best friend Chloe urged, pulling on my arm feverishly, tugging me towards the school gates where a massive gaggle of girls were standing. "They'll be arriving any second!"

            "Chloe, I really need to go to the library to print out my essay," I complained, trying to release my arm from her death grip. "Besides, it's freezing!"

            Chloe glanced at me, her chocolate eyes lit up with excitement. "You can print your essay later! This is a once in a life time event!"

            "Chloe, it's going to happen every day for the rest of the year," I told her, rolling my eyes.

            "I know! But Iris! It's Gold! I know you like them as much as I do!"

            "Yeah, I like them," I admitted and successfully yanked my arm away from her. "But this essay is due first period and they'll be around all day—"

            "Oh my God!" Chloe suddenly shrieked, cutting me off. "It's them! Look! Iris, look! It's Gold!"

            Letting out a soft sigh, I followed Chloe's pointing finger, and my eyes landed on a sleek, black limousine. How inconspicuous. Chloe clutched my arm again, her nails digging into my pale skin as a chauffeur climbed out of the vehicle and walked around it to the back passenger door to open it. As he did, Chloe let out an excited squeal.

            After a moment, a mop of blonde hair the exact same shade as Chloe's appeared as a young man climbed out of the limousine. A few locks of his messy hair fell in his face, and he quickly brushed them out of the way with his hand, revealing his piercing green eyes. Even from a distance, I could see their dazzling color.

            "Noah! It's Noah!" Chloe cried, looking at me with wide eyes. "Look!"

            I couldn't help but laugh at Chloe's reaction. Even after knowing her for four years, how overexcited she got about something was still funny. She was like a puppy. "Chloe, I know who he is," I told her.

            Noah Alexander, age eighteen, high school senior, and the bassist to the extremely popular boy band Gold. It was hard not to know who he was. His handsome face was plastered all over the covers of all the popular magazines, like The Rolling Stone. In person though, he looked a lot taller (at least six feet) and fitter than in all the photos of him. Even more attractive, as well.

            Noah's eyes swept over the crowd of girls crowded by the school gate, a grin spreading across his face. He waved his arms excitedly, trying to acknowledge everyone. Then suddenly he stumbled forwards, his mouth forming a surprised o. Amused, I raised an eyebrow as a second male emerged from the depth of the limousine. This caused Chloe to gasp, squeezing my arm painfully again. "Iris! It's—"

            "Luke Parker," I interjected, knowing what she was about to say, glancing back at the young man who was now out of the limousine. "I know who he is too."

            Luke Parker, also age eighteen, also high school senior, and the drummer to Gold. He had shaggy, dark hair that gave him the striking look of a bad boy. Lip piercing and all. Just like Noah, Luke looked a lot better in person. He wasn't as tall as Noah, but he was still at least a good four inches taller than my five-foot five. Luke blew kisses to the crowd and I smiled a little, glad he seemed just as friendly as Noah.

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