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Inevitable, it was: after spending so much time with someone on a regular basis, one's schedule was bound to adjust in order for the other to fill in. Consequently, a mere absence of the person for a relatively long period of time could leave one with a gaping void, for you start to see bits of the person in almost every place or activity.

Snow flakes drifting down to the graveled ground now seemed more of an interesting activity than voicing his thoughts on whatever Kendall was saying, as he had his eyes focused on the happenings outside the big glass windows. He could hear what Kendall was saying, he just wasn't particularly listening as he had zoned out a long time ago.

Although Kendall was really fun to hang out with, plus she was his best friend, Javnie wasn't feeling up to it.

It wasn't compared to hanging out with André.

Even knowing that he had been the one to push him away, a part of him still hoped that André was suddenly going to show up in front of him again.

André had hidden something so big from him and it left him upset, considering he was one who saw trust as a big deal. Just that as time went by without him seeing André, the anger faded into a feeling of nothingness.

It was strange indeed, the fact that André was a werewolf. Part of him still wanted to believe all of it was just some large scale prank for April Fool that was still about five months away. Realistically speaking, as he'd thought about it for some time, it wasn't something that was very easy to say.

He decided to put himself in André's shoes and wondered if he'd have been honest himself. The answer was no, he wouldn't have. So he felt like his reason for being upset was no longer justified.

Although, he knew it was probably too late, for André was no longer by him.

"Are you even listening to me?" Kendall leaned back and sighed.

"No," he answered with an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry."

Kendall wasn't upset. She had been the one to drag him outside to lighten his mood. Sensing Javnie's distraught over the past few weeks, she chose her words and manner of actions carefully, even though she didn't know the reason for it. She chose to not question him, deciding he would've told her if he wanted to to.

"At all," she shook her head, "it's alright."

Silence fell upon them before Kendall decided to break it by asking, "this is about André, isn't it?"

Javnie looked at her for a while and nodded, settling that there was no longer any point in lying to her.

"I wasn't being—" he started, but his voice came out cracked so he stopped to clear his throat. "I wasn't being entirely honest with you. He didn't leave. I told him to leave."

"I figured," she simply responded. "But do you regret it?"

"I guess." He fiddled with his fingers on the table for a while before continuing, "I mean, I don't like that he's not here with me anymore. And the fact that I somehow caused that leaves me — leaves me distressed and angry at myself. Because I really do enjoy his company and maybe I'm starting to like him in a romantic way. Now everything has ended before it could even begin, all because of me."

Kendall smiled warmly at him and reached out to place her hands over his restless ones. In weeks, that was the most Javnie had ever spoken of about André. Most of the time, when he was brought up, he frowned and was usually evasive.

"It's going to be okay. I'm not much of an adviser, but —" she stroked his fingers gently, "—maybe you shouldn't wait for him to make a move this time. Maybe you go after him. If you're really sure you want him back in your life, you should really do that before it's too late."

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