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Recap : Sanskar shout on Swara but at end revealed he was acting, to search Swara' real mother,  and revealed Sharmistra is not her real mother,  in fact mother of Ragini, RaginiSharmistra,  bring Kavita to separate SwaSan with use of Arhaan but revealed Arhaan is also with SwaSan.

In SwaSan 's Room ;

Sanskar is changing his position  on bed but not getting sleep without Swara,  get up with pout.

Sanskar : ( with pout) It's so difficult to sleep without your embrace Swara.


In Sharmistra 's Room ;

Swara is also changing position again and again,  not getting sleep without Sanskar,  just then feel tap on shoulder,  Swara open eyes,  her eyes gets widened in shock seeing Sanskar  in front of her about to shouts but feel hand on her mouth find Sanskar put hand on her mouth to stop her from shouting,  sign Sharmistra who is sleeping with her while snoring.

Sanskar sign her to come but Swara is looking at him being nervous seeing Sharmistra beside her,  sign him to go but Sanskar is not ready to listen her,  pick her in his arm,  run outside without making noise.


Outside :

Swara is looking at him shockingly,  shocked by his move,  Sanskar see her shocked,  wink naughtily make her come into sense.

Swara : ( come into sense, whisper) Sanskar,  why you brought me,  if anyone see us together then they will come to know that we are acting and our plan will be flop.

Sanskar : ( whisper) don't worry Nothing will happen and I brought you here because I was not getting sleep without you ( with pout).

Swara : ( admire his cuteness and wrap arm around his neck) Me too. 

Sanskar : ( naughtily) so let's go to our room and do some naughty naughty ( Swara face red listening him,  slap his chest,  Sanskar chuckles at her act).

Just Swara see something which widens her eyes,  she whisper in shock 'KAVITA',  Sanskar listen her,  follow her gaze and find Kavita is standing in front of them,  little far from them,  glaring them.

SwaSan gets shocked and scared thinking their plan will flop.

Swara : ( whisper near his ear) Sanskar do something,  otherwise before finding maa, our plan will go in vain.

Sanskar : ( listen, press his lips, without thinking anything), Hey! Kavita,  you are here at this time,  you didn't get sleep,  I also didn't get so thought to exercise but my dumble are not seeing anywhere so I thought to exercise with Swara( while making Swara up,  down like dumble,  who is looking at him with "what the hell" look).

Swara : ( whisper) Sanskar,  what rubbish are you speaking. ( Sanskar make pout listening her scolding).

Their trance broke by one voice.

"O Laila tujhe loot le gyi ",  SwaSan looks at the source of the voice and gets shocked seeing Kavita is singing while flipping her hair round,  round like mad.

Sanskar seeing her,  just then something click in his mind,  he laughed seeing her dancing,  Swara looks at him being confused,  poke his shoulder.

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