Chapter Twenty Five

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Annabelles POV


"You gave us quite a scare there Annabelle, how are you feeling?" Dr Tessler asked as she continued to shine a light in my eye.

I didn't know how to respond, how do you tell someone that you just saw your mum and dad for the first time in fifteen years without sounding like you'd completely lost your mind?

"I saw her" I whispered as I felt Jax sit next to me and take my hand.

"Saw who little mate?" He whispered, speaking softly, probably so as not to scare me.

I looked over at him and my eyes instantly welled up with tears. "My mum".

He furrowed his brow in confusion and looked over at the doctor for a second before focusing his attention back on me. "As in you had a dream about her? Or some form of memory maybe?"

I shook my head and licked my lips, I couldn't figure out how to explain it to him. How I knew that what I just saw was real and was happening right now. That my mum and dad were both alive but kept as prisoners, forced to be apart and beaten when their captures didn't like an answer my mum gave them.

I looked over at Jax and tried to explain to him with my eyes that what I had just seen was real, I don't know how I knew, I just had a gut feeling that someone had brought me there for a reason.

"They were prisoners in some kind of dungeon or cell block. It was definitely underground judging by how cold and dark it was. It smelled horrible, of damp and blood." I shuddered as I thought back to my dream and Jax pulled me into his arms and rubbed my exposed arms where goosebumps had appeared.

"This guy was yelling questions at my mum but she didn't know the answer to them, saying that some form of communication bond had been weakened or something like that".

I felt Jax tense around me and I looked up to see he had locked eyes with an older man, a stranger, who was sitting on the sofa opposite us. How had I not noticed the amount of people that were in the room until now?

I froze and shrunk slightly into Jax's arms, trying to hide from them as much as I could but as I took another look at them again I weirdly felt like I knew them. Hannah was here, Jax's sister and she gave me a little smile when we had locked eyes but I had definitely not met the other three strangers in the room.

"Annabelle did you see anyone that you recognise at all? Any familiar faces in the dream that you can think of?" Jax asked as he looked down at me with the slight V still between his eyebrows.

I thought back to the dream and tried to focus on the faces but sighed and shook my head when I came up blank. "No sorry, why? Do you think you know where they are?"

Jax sighed before running a hand through his hair, keeping the other one wrapped around my waist securly. "We have an idea who might have them but we need hard evidence to be able to rally our allies and form an attack."

"Where do you think they are?" I frowned as I looked up at him in confusion.

Jax just shook his head before kissing me on the forehead "I don't want to tell you and get your hopes up if it turns out that my hunch is wrong. I'll have some of the pack members do some scouting near the area and see if they pick up anything unusual".

"Be careful son, if it is who you're thinking of then he is not someone we want to get on the wrong side of lightly" the older man of the three strangers spoke up and I looked over to see him give me a soft smile before focusing his attention back on Jax. He had called Jax son, that must make him Jax's father. My thoughts were confirmed when Jax replied.

"Of course dad, I know who we will be up against, the trackers will just have to be extra careful at hiding their scent."

"I will go with them" the youngest stranger in the group said. He couldn't be more that eighteen but his eyes told me that he knew way more that his age was letting on. I suddenly remembered where I recognised him from. The first night I was here I looked at a photo of Jax, Hannah and one other person all huddled together and smiling right before I smashed the frame. He must be Jax's brother.

"Thank you Will, I would appreciate you experience in guiding the pack trackers."

He just nodded his head in response but otherwise stayed quiet.

The only stranger left in the room was the woman sitting in between Jax's dad and his brother Will, I'm guessing she was his mum but I didn't want to jump to any conclusions.

"Jax are you not going to introduce us to your mate?" The woman suddenly piped up and I realised I must of been staring at her in slight confusion without realising.

I looked down in embarrassment and blushed slightly at being caught.

"Oh yes sorry. Annabelle this is my little brother Will, my father Jackson, my mother Emily and Hannah you already know. Everyone this is my mate Annabelle."

"It is so lovely to finally meet you my dear, we have heard so much about you from Xavier and Hannah but it is so nice to put a face to the name. If you need anything at all you just let me know okay?" Jax's mum said. None of them got up to hug me or shake my hand and I have a feeling Jax had something to do with that, telling them I was still uncomfortable with people I didn't know getting close to me.

I smiled and nodded my greeting at them before a yawn escaped my lips and I discreetly tried to lift my hand to try and hide it but it didn't work, everyone still heard it.

"I guess that is our cue to leave" Dr Tessler stated as she stood up and gathered all her things into her bag. "My patient needs her rest".

I smiled at them all as they all left and before long it was just me and Jax sitting on the living room sofa. "I think we should follow the doctors orders and get you to bed don't you think?" Jax asked as my eyes started to drop. "After all, we have a lot of training to get done tomorrow".

I wanted to ask him what he meant but I was to out of it to even try and form a sentence and before long I was out like a light, with Jax's strong arms around me keeping me safe.

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