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Back to You

Chapter 5: A New Companion

By Dame Rose Tyler

Ok, here it is, I've read all of you somments and I thank you all for being so supportavie, so iw ill make it a goal to update all of the stories I've been neglecting because of lack of reviews… So I hope you enjoy this chapter.


Last time…

"Tardis put us into the vortex; I have to go do some research in the library before we head out to find me a companion." The lights flickered as the Tardis responded. The center council wheezed to life as the Tardis disappeared from Pete's lawn.

From that point Rose spent hours in the library pouring over all of the information regarding the Time War. So far all of the data matched, it was the Daleks. There was no mistaking it now, the records confirmed it. Rose threw the book against the wall and screamed.

"They just never stop!"

Growling in frustration Rose walked out of the library and down a hall until she reached her room.

"Find us a planet so I can get a decent companion. I think I'm going to take a nap and reflect." The Tardis nudged her mind in agreement and Rose smiled.

And On with the Story!

Rose had only slept for a few hours when the Tardis had awoken her to let her know they had left the vortex. Sighing Rose climbed out of bed and pulled her shoes on. Wondering into the counsel room Rose smiled.

"I think that nap is just what I needed to clear my head. We'll get this matter taken care of, the Doctor and I have faced this enemy before, and we'll just do it again. So what do you say, lets go find that new companion."

The Tardis hummed in response as Rose glanced at their current location.

"Barcelona, as in the plant that has the dogs with no noses? Interesting choice, the Doctor and I never did make it here."

Rose smiled and ran down the ramp, grabbing her jacket as she opened the door. Stepping outside, she turned and locked the Tardis, rubbing the wooden panel fondly as she left.

"Well, let's see what kind of trouble I can get myself into and find my new way-word companion."

Rose walked down the small road, it appeared to be some form of market square, people shouting and bartering every were you looked. As she moved deeper into the stalls Rose noticed a book that caught her attention. The cover was plain, there were a few cracks in the leather binding that showed wear and its age. Looking up she smiled at the vendor.

"How much do you want for that?" Her hand pointed to the book she had just been examining.

The tall man smiled, "50 credits." His voice of course told another story, the man was a crook and kind weird too. Rose just shrugged and handed him her credit stick, courteous of the sonic screwdriver.

"Thank you girl, you best be getting home soon, the curfew starts in about an hour."

Rose looked up from the book questioningly, "Curfew? Why in the world would there be a curfew in place?"

"What's wrong with you girl? You not from here are you?"

Rose shook her head no and smiled again, "Nope, just a traveler passing thru."

The man grunted and began to pack up his stall, "You best be getting back to your ship in a hurry of find yourself a room. They'll take you in if you're found outside."

Rose could only nod and smile. "Just the way I like it." Winking Rose turned from the stall and continued to wonder around the market. That's when she noticed the girl by the fountain; Rose's heart went out to her. Her clothes were torn and her face didn't look much better. Sighing Rose walked up and sat down next to her. She flinched slightly at the new presence.

"Hi, the names Rose, need some help?"

The girl just shook her head no and continued to shake. Reaching into her coat Rose pulled out a light sweater and handed it to the girl. She looked at the garment and then to Rose's jacket pocket. Rose couldn't help but laugh.

"Their bigger on the inside; now again, do you need some help? I mean what happened?" Rose gestured to her clothes and the bruise she could now see on the girls face. The girl gave a weak smile.

"My master has claimed me, but I have run because it hurt." Realization dawned on Rose; at that point she almost saw fire.

"Well now we can't have that now can we? It's supposed to feel good last I checked." Standing up Rose held out her hand to the girl.

'Come on, I'll take you with me and get you checked out and cleaned up."

The girl looked at Rose's hand suspiciously. She had been nice maybe she could trust this Rose she though. Smiling weakly she took Roses hand, who could only grin. Rose's thought however were on the fact that this girl had been raped. At least she had a companion now. The thing that still nagged at her though was the fact this girl couldn't be no more than 14.

"So, what's your name?"

"Sarafen." Her voice was a whisper as she followed Rose. Her hand held tightly onto hers.

"Where are your parents or other family?"

"I don't have any; I've been a slave all my life as far as I can remember."

Rose sighed; of course she just had to land in a time period that still loved to have slaves.

"Well Sarafen, not anymore. I'm gonna take care of you ok?"

The girl smiled and nodded.

'Will you be my mother then?" It was a shy question Rose could tell. Laughing a little Rose smiled at the girl.

"Of course if you want me too. Next question, do you know what your planet of origin is?"

The girl nodded, a smile finally gracing her features unguarded.

"Yes, my master said Arcadia." Rose smiled. This was perfect, alien daughter and a new companion not of the Earth. Rose came to a stop in front of her Tardis and pulled out her key, turning to Sarafen she smiled.

"We'll have to get you your own copy of this key soon." Sarafen gleamed with joy.

"You mean I have a home too?"

Rose laughed and nodded, her hand ushering the girl inside.

The girls eyes filled with amazement.

"Such a large room in such a small box, is this room like you jacket?"

Rose nodded, "Yep bigger on the inside."

Rose turned to the counsel, "Could you please make Sarafen a room while I take her to the infirmary for a checkup? I want to make sure she was not harmed in her attack." The Tardis hummed.

"Your room is ready, but first we're going to check out your injuries and make sure your not hurt badly."

Sarafen nodded and threw her arms around Rose.

"Thank you so much, you're the kindest person I have ever met Rose."

Rose hugged the girl back and laughed.

"That's mom to you young lady, now come on."

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