Come Home

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A little girl stood there, waving at the figure that was distances away from her. She smiled as she ran towards it, flailing her arms around.

" Lancelot! "

The seven year old cheerfully wrapped her arms around her big brother.

" Hey, Gwen? What's up? " He laughed lightly, placing a hand on his sister's shoulder.

She sniffed slightly, " You've been gone for so long! What happened? " She placed her hands behind her back, staring up at Lancelot with innocent, teary eyes.

Lancelot wrapped his arms around her sister, pulling her in for a bear hug, " Hey, nothing bad happened. I just wanted to explore! Life outside the kingdom was fun. I felt... " He paused, looking down at his little sister, " I felt free! "

" Really? Is it really that fun? What if something bad had happened to you? " She continued asking questions, her hands shaking slightly as she held her brother's arm.

He smiled in response, " It's worth the risk! The amount of freedom I had, life felt more exciting. Better than staying in the castle all day, practicing swinging my sword. "

The little girl thought for a moment, pouting as she spoke again, " Can I go out there, too? " Her voice was soft, a hint of excitement in it as well.

Her big brother just looked at her and a sad smile took over his face, " You're still young. Besides, you are the top student. Your life is far more important than mine, Gwen. " He unsheathed his sword, " I can protect myself and maybe one day, you can too. "

She frowned, letting go of her brother's arm, " Whenever you come back, could you tell me of all the adventures you had? "

" Of course I will. "

Guinevere continued, speaking in a softer tone, " And when I'm old enough and when you're back... " She looked up at him with brighter eyes, " Let's go on a adventure together! "


She sat there on a stool, crossing her arms as she stared out of the window. It showed the entrance of the castle, a few people slowly entering. Though none of them is who she was waiting for.

Her big brother has been gone for quite some time. A year has passed since his disappearance and everyday she sat there, waiting.

She leaned her back against the chair, sighing. As a single tear escaped, the door slowly creaked open.

" Guinevere, it's time for dinner. "

Her head turned slightly but her eyes stayed focus on the window. Checking to see if he'll come back anytime soon. But like always, she was met with disappointment.

" A little longer. I'll be down in a minute, Gossen. "

The boy nodded and slowly closed the door. As she returned her gaze back to the window. Resting her head on her hand.

" If only I had freedom. " She said aloud as if her brother could hear her. But she knows too well that he won't be showing up anytime soon.

She stood up, drawing the curtains together. Once it was done, the room was now filled with darkness. As she stood there, thinking.

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