Chapter 1

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Present Day

Kenzie's POV

Well He said he loved me and then he was gone. He promised he would never hurt me, but he lied. He took something with him and left something behind. He took my heart and left.....

"Kenz come on. Time go." Rory says.

"Okay." I say.

Rory was graduating Chilton and everyone was so proud of her. No one was this proud of me when I graduated two days go from Stars Hollow High.

"Okay keys, children, coffee, anything Im forgetting?" Mom asks.

"Pants." I say.

"What... Haha funny." She says.

"Hurry!" Rory yells.

Rory was already in the car and was getting impatient. We got to her school and she went to join her class. While we had to see the grandparents. My grandpa was fine its my grandma who seemed to be more about Rory then anyone else.

"Hey hun you okay? You look alittle sick." Mom says.

"Im fine. I just dont feel all to well today." I say.

"Let me guess... Jess again." She says.

"Well... Maybe. He just got up and left again. Its a fresh new wound." I say.

"Lorelai I told you so." Grandma says.

I rolled my eyes and though of him. Mostly the day we met.


Sookie was preparing the food for the meeting of Luke's Nephew. While Rory was studying in here room and I was in mine still glancing over books that are suppose to help me find my path. I know almost 17 and I still dont know whats to come for me.

"Hey come downstairs. They are almost here." My mom says.

I walked down and went into Rory's room to see what she was up to and then this guy walked in.

"Hi." Rory says.

"Hey." The guy says.

"Im Rory. This Mackenzie." Rory says.

"Im Jess." Jess says.

"Well its nice to meet you." Rory says.

"Same." Jess says.

I didnt say much cause I dont know how to talk to people that well let alone a boy.

"Guys foods ready." Mom says.

"Great Im starving." Rory says following mom to the living room.

"Does this window open?" Jess asks.

"Umm... Yeah.." I say nervously.

"Well shall we?" He asks.

"Shall we what?" I question.

"Bail." He says.

I didnt know what to say or do. I could follow this cute boy out into the night or I could stay home. I decided to go with him. Since everything was closed we say on the bench in the gazebo. We didnt say much just some small talk about how and why he had to move here. He was clearly upset and I just listened to him. There was something about him that just made me feel something I've never felt before.

Present Day

Rory had finished her speech when I'll finally snapped back into reality where I was surround by crying people. After the ceremony grandma and grandpa surprised Rory with a car. Of course they would spoil her. She is going to college, she knows whats she wants...

"Excuse me a moment." I say.

I ran into the school and found the bathroom and began throwing up.... Oh yeah that reminds me of what I was thinking before. About how Jess took something and left something. As it was said... Jess took my heart and left me.... With his baby. What am I gonna do now? Am I ready for this? Even if Im ready or not a baby is coming.

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