Chapter Six: Adding Fuel To The Fire

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Olivia's POV

"I can't believe he visited that skank in hospital!" I thought, so enraged that I nearly smashed my cute iPhone to the ground. "Does he have any sense? He's with me! We're together, he's mine!"

Suddenly, the screen of my phone lit up and came alivia with a little buzz; a text was coming through. Hastily, I went to read it, hoping it was from my Nicky.

From: JJ Lauryn

OMG gurl, go on twitter! Not good! D:

I looked at the text skeptically but then obeyed and opened up the app. Unfortunately, it wasn't good news.

Twitter was alive with the news of Nick and Miley on a. . . DATE?!

@SamyThor: Miley cyrus was at paty's with nick Jonas like 10 mins ago. So cool.

The tags #NickandMileydate and #nileyreunion were trending worldwide!

Anger began to rise, pressure going into overload. "How could he cheat? Wait, would he?" Tears began to stream from my eyes as my mood changed quickly from rage to sadness.

I didn't want to believe it, but some part of me did.

I gathered myself together and, breathing wildly, I dialled Nick's number.


"Hello?" he answered.

"You took your time." I said stiffly.

Nick, noticing my tone, began speaking in a whisper. "What do you want, Livvy?"

I'm sure he meant to be gentle but at that moment, his tone was irritating and teasing in my ears.

"Well I wanna know why the fuck you're going on dates with that Cyrus bitch!" I yelled.

"What the hell? Don't call her that, Liv! And I... I would never! Its been ye-"

"Years. Yeah, I get that; WELL?!"

"I promise we have nothing between us, me and Miley. We're just friends - well, WERE. Please Liv-"

But I put the phone down. If he wants to convince me, he's going to have to see me face to face.

* * *

Nick's POV

Oh shit! I hadn't thought about the fans. Obviously they would jump to the social networks about this 'date'. But I was certain we got away with it. How wrong I was.

Quickly, I opened Twitter, only to find my feed buzzing with mixed tweets. BIG mistake!

@SazzySarahBe: OH MY FRICKIN GOD did this actually happen?! #niley GET BACK TOGETHR

@OhMyCulpo_L: how could you cheat on @oliviaculpo with a slut like Miley? BIIIIG fuck up, @nickjonas!

@jonasssbrothersss: #nileyforever THIS.MADE.MY.DAY

@KimMeansWell: Fuck you @nickjonas! thought you were better than this! Obviously, you have no loyalty... -_-

I was honestly shocked at the responses of some people. How could this happen? How did they see us? And how the fuck is Miley going to face those paps on her own?

As the thought of the vulnerable Miley I had just left ON HER OWN came to mind, I picked up my phone and quickly dialled her number without hesitation. I know I shouldn't, but what other choice do I have?


"For fucks sake, Miles, pick up the god damn phone!" I thought, the frustration and stress almost boiling over.


Still no reply. I began to get worried but, just as I was about to leave and drive to the hospital, she picked up!

"Hh-hello?" She stammered weakly. Her voice was slurred slightly, I wondered if she'd been given any medication lately.

"Hey, Miles? It's Nick! Um. . . how you holding up?"

"Ahhh. . . okay, I guess? No word yet from my family though, seems they are oblivious!" I made a mental note to help notify the family.

"Oh, well I can help with that but, for now. . ." I paused, my brain whirring in a pace I could not control. I breathed in and out slowly, calming myself down.

"Nicholas?" Miley asked, sounding concerned. "You okay?"

"Yes! Miles, I'm fine! It's just - I don't know how to tell you this buuttt. . . well, long story short, a fan saw us both at Paty's and it's all over Twitter-"

"What's all over Twitter?!" Miley demanded, her voice suddenly strong and alert.

"Our 'date' at Paty's! It's everywhere! The tag #NileyReunion is also trending worldwide!" I just couldn't hide some form of glee from my voice; it's great to see that so many people in this world support our relationship - whatever that may be.

"Fuck." Is all Miley could say.

"I know. And there's not much we can do about it apart from deny, deny, deny." I said sadly. But then a thought arose. "Hey, I have an interview with my brothers tomorrow; I'll see what they say!"

"Yeah. . ." said Miley, but she sounded distracted.


"Sorry Nicholas, I have to go. . . but I need to see you again! Come to my house once I'm outta here? I'll text you." she offered. It was clear as day; she didn't want to lose me again.

"Sure." I shispered. Then the line went dead.

* * *


Sorry this is short! #FillerChaptersSUCK

Okay, before Niley lovers beat me up, I'm sorry I made Olivia call Nick 'Nicky' as that's Miley's nickname for him but I had to use it to portray her character in a darker light.

And to the Olivia Culpo fans? I'm sorry I have made her character seem like a bitch and you think I'm dissing the real Olivia Culpo. The truth? I'm the writer of this story and this girl is a character in this story who just so happens to be called Olivia Culpo. Nothing I write here is a direct desciption/opinion of real people. It is a FICTIONAL STORY. So stop giving me shit via message please :') Man up and comment next time!

*Rant Over*

Oh! I forgot to mention Miley's relationship with Patrick Swartzenegger! What do you think of them? Are you happy she has found someone and has moved on with her life or are you determined she and Nick are to be? Let me know how you feel! (I have mixed feelings, I'm afraid!)

And remember kids; don't run with scissors!

~ Sianymouse ~

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