Chapter 13: Tornado Boy

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"The drones are already there," Chelsea told everyone in the van, "apparently we are gonna deal with one of those dancers who got bitten by those bugs. We need to be on our guard and remember, we need him back alive."

Everybody nodded. Shiloh eyed Chelsea with a little anger, she didn't like the way Chelsea had treated Skyler, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Chelsea was the head of the team and when she gave an order nobody questioned her.

"Whatever beef you have with Chelsea right now, save it for later," Ben told Shiloh as the van came to a halt.

"Okay put on your masks, we will see all his moves. He won't escape," Chelsea ordered. They split up in team of three; Chelsea took Ben and Shiloh with her.

The masks that they were wearing were state of the art. Each mask was connected to the drones that were currently circling the suspect. They could see what he was doing and could easily come up with a plan that could get them one step ahead of him.

"He's entering the third apartment to the left on the second floor. There is a stairway at the back where he can escape, let's ambush him there," Chelsea said.

Chelsea's prediction came true, when the other agents tried to intercept the man in the apartment he escaped through the back. However, he didn't use the stairs, he jumped to the ground.

"What the..."

Before Shiloh could finish her sentence, Chelsea shot at the man with her electric gun, but he sensed the shot and he dodged the electric bullet. He then noticed the drones circling him and in instant he started turning on himself until he created tornado. The winds projected sent the drones crashing against the walls of the buildings and the he directed his tornado towards Chelsea, Ben and Shiloh. The man did not hold back, he destroyed everything in his path.

"Fall back!" Chelsea ordered.

They had no other choice but to retreat and after a few minutes the man stop turning on himself and the tornado disappeared.

He smiled at the agents evilly because he knew that they wouldn't dare do anything against him. He then turned around and started to run. Chelsea threw her mask off and took after him with Shiloh close behind. He turned into an alley which led to a dead end. All they saw was a small homeless boy sitting on a box.

"Kid where did the man go?" Chelsea asked him urgently.

The boy looked at Chelsea in confusion.

"He obviously doesn't understand what you're asking him Chelsea," Shiloh said. Chelsea kicked the ground in frustration.

"Dammit!" she said angrily.

"Let's go, you're scaring the kid," Shiloh told her.

Chelsea looked at the boy who seemed frightened.

"I'm sorry kid," she told him. She opened one of her vest pockets and took out a chocolate bar and gave it to the boy. "Here you can have my afternoon snack." The boy took the chocolate and smiled innocently.

"Bye kid, try to stay off the streets," Shiloh told him.

The boy watched Shiloh and Chelsea leave and after a few seconds he shape shifted back to his normal form.

"I'm starting to love these powers now," he said to himself.


"Melanie what's going on, we've lost visual on everyone," Skyler said in a concerned voice as she worriedly paced up and down.

"The drones were damaged but our agents will get them back," Melanie replied in a calm voice.

"How can you be so calm? Didn't you see what that guy did, he turned into some sort of human tornado and he was destroying everything!"

"That's ..."

"And how are you gonna keep this from the rest of the city? How are you gonna stop the news from talking about this? If things like this happen all the time how come this place in still in the shadows?"

"We have our ways," The General said. Skyler and Melanie turned around to find General Williams standing behind them.

"With what you've seen, you understand what types of threats exist in our city, but remember what I told you Skyler, be glad to be a part of the show and don't question how the show is run."

"Melanie, I want Chelsea in my office once she is back. As for you Skyler, you've got a lot of training to do."

Skyler felt her blood boil again but she tried to control her anger this time as she clenched her fists. Both Melanie and Skyler watched General Williams leave the room.

"So I just have to believe that the press and the rest of the people in this city have been taken care of?" Skyler asked.

Melanie was not paying attention to what Skyler had asked as she had received a text from Chris.


"I'm sorry Skyler something's come up in the lab I need to go."

"Can I come with you?"

"NO! You stay here and wait for Shiloh to get back. She and Ben will brief you on what happened out there. I will see you later," Melanie told Skyler as she hurriedly left the room.

"Awesome..." Skyler said with a sigh. She looked at her hands and then a thought occurred to her. "I know what I need to do to find out who runs this show," she thought to herself.

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