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My sleep was disturbed by the sound of Estrela yelling. "Angela, get your ass up. It's school time."


I ignored, thinking that it was just a dream.

"Angela!" Estrela shouted again and then the door burst open. "Come on, wake up otherwise you are going to be late."

"What the hell are you talking about?" I groaned. "Nice prank, Es."

"This is not a prank. You're going to school."

I threw the covers off me out of frustration, giving her a confused look. "What? Estrela, I can't go to school."

She scoffed. "What? It's not like you're going to die if you go outside?"

"My kidnapper is still out there. The reason why I was missing for so long is still out there!"

I watched as my sister rolled her eyes. "Now that is a little dramatic. You can't continue sitting here, waiting for some idiot to arrive and take you again. You can't just wait around, you need to start doing things. Like moving on with your life."

"You're being selfish, but I am not going to school. I won't because I am not going to be so stupid and go outside into the dangerous zone. I'm not going to risk my life like that."

"Jesus, get a life. I bet it's just your excuse to not get out. You have got to stop being such an introvert all the time."

"This has nothing to do with me being a freaking introvert. I just can't go outside because it's too dangerous right now."

"Does it look like I care?" she asked. "But you're going to school and that's final. You've already missed too many days, meaning that you can't miss out on more. And I mean it that if you don't wake up right now then I will seriously be upset."

"Nathan is not going to like that," I blurted out, not even thinking as I said those words.

In a second her face turned furious. "Well, his opinion doesn't matter. He is not your parent, your boyfriend, he is no one. Just a stupid cop who sucks at doing his job and is a little too obsessed with you."

Anger boiled inside me at her words. "He has not done anything to you. All he has been doing is protect me."

"God, you're just sucking up to him which is really pathetic." Then she added, "But get ready because you're still coming to school."

"No," I protested.

Estrela gave me a hard look. "Angela, I swear that if you don't then I will honestly make you regret that. Besides, you should be grateful that I am your guardian and not anyone else. Perhaps the one who was actually assigned as our guardian. But I have not called him... yet."

Her words made me freeze.

"Unless of course you want that. Do you?" she asked.

I quickly shook my head.

She nodded. "Very well then. Get dressed and then come down for breakfast. Even Matthew is waiting."

Then she left the room.

I blew out a breath, not finding it in myself to leave. But then I quickly got dressed, put on a tad bit of makeup and went downstairs. I kept gathering in deep breaths, because I started to feel anxious. The fear of going somewhere public.

Sure I had gone with Cierra to a café, but that was different.

She was with me, but now I was going to be alone. Of course I was going to see her, but she would not be with me every second. We would still be separated during a few classes.

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