CHAPTER 12: The Other Side of The Organisation

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Melanie led Skyler to another part of the facility; she explained that it was further underground. She told Skyler that they had to work in the dark because there were other dangers that society was not aware of.

"Four years ago something happened in this town, an unknown race of aliens came down to earth and they were not the friendly kind. They could shape shift into human beings and the level of crime increased rapidly. We didn't understand what was going on, but then an agent found out. He also found a way to eliminate them, but he had a different plan in mind. He explained his findings and said that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to use the aliens technology to our advantage. He wasn't thinking about the hundreds of people that live in this city, those weapons could have done more damage than good; he understood that, we all did. So the General decided to destroy everything that had to do with the aliens. After months and months of preparation and having lost so many battles, we got the upper hand and managed to get the better of them. But... Everything disappeared, the aliens and their technology and so did the agent that had other plans for them."

"So the aliens are still out there? I mean I never noticed anything, I was still here four years ago, and so what you are telling me doesn't make sense at all Melanie."

They finally entered the office that was separated from the rest of the facility. Skyler was in awe at what she saw, it was nothing compared to what she had seen earlier. Shiloh, Ben, Chelsea and a few other agents were there.

"I know it does seem hard to understand, but all the proof you need is here. Shiloh and the others work exclusively in this section, they are field agents trained to face dangers that aren't human. We survey space all the time but our greatest enemy is here on earth. We have been trying to track our traitor since he left but he has always managed to get the better of us. Here, take a look at this file," Melanie told Skyler.

Skyler looked carefully at the file; it was filled with details about the aliens and everything that had happened since they had arrived.

She read reports about their attacks and realized how blind she had been, she never noticed anything. A lot of innocent people had lost their homes and even their lives. Skyler had never witnessed any of the acts of violence. She was so absorbed in what she was reading that she didn't notice that Shiloh had approached her.

"It's horrific huh?" she said to Skyler. Skyler looked up at her sister and a feeling of shame filled her veins.

"I know that you didn't mean to hurt me Skyler," Shiloh told her in a soft voice, "you've never hit me before, I know what happened back there was beyond your control, I understand that." All Skyler wanted to do at that very moment was hug her little sister, but she stopped herself. She was still angry at Shiloh for keeping this part of her life away from her and for guilt tripping her.

"Thanks Shiloh, but for what it's worth I am sorry, I won't hurt you again." Shiloh looked at Skyler and gave her a small smile.

"In the meeting room, how did you know what I was thinking?" she asked. Before Skyler could reply, an alarm was heard.

"You'll have to answer me later," Shiloh told her.

"Wait where are you going?" Skyler asked as she followed her sister

"Something's going down in town, we need to find out what and stop it."

"I'll come wi..."

"Oh no you won't," Chelsea interrupted, 'you'll stay here with Melanie and watch everything from the screen, I won't have you go all power crazy when innocent people's lives are at stake."


"No buts' Skyler, learn to listen!" Chelsea told her harshly. Skyler stopped cold and she felt her blood boil as she scowled at Chelsea. The surge came back and dropped her right back in the dark part of her soul.

Melanie noticed the tense atmosphere and quickly took Skyler away from Chelsea. Skyler continued to stare coldly at Chelsea but Melanie dragged her back to the front of the office.

She started to give the other agents orders and Skyler's attention turned to what was being displayed on the screen and slowly the surge she felt died down.

"You need to learn how to control yourself I just told you that your powers start generating from strong emotions," Melanie told her.

"Not all of them," Skyler muttered to herself.

"What did you say?"

Skyler shrugged and kept quiet. Melanie decided not to insist in knowing.

"Get ready Skyler, you are about to see what really goes down in this town."

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