Chapter 11: More Discoveries

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Ryan looked at himself in the mirror. He had just taken a shower, something he hadn't done for months. He shaved his face and he looked very clean. His long hair felt clean and his scalp fresh.

He looked at the clothes he was given and then he smelt them. He loved how the clothes smelt brand new. He couldn't remember when he last bought anything new. Just then the door opened and Jade entered the room.

"Why aren't you dressed yet? It's time," she told him. Ryan nodded and quickly got dressed. A few minutes later Ryan joined Jade outside of his room and she led him to a place in the building that resembled a laboratory. He saw a table waiting for him to be strapped on.

"Don't be afraid, trust us," Jade told Ryan as she noticed that the expression on his face had changed. "We are gonna change you for the better, please strap in."

Something inside of Ryan told him to just go with the flow; he really didn't have anything to lose. He had lost his home, his job and his fiancé never showed up at their wedding. He knew that anything would be better than the life he was currently living.

Without hesitation he allowed himself to be strapped onto the table.

"Just relax and we will do the rest," Jade told him.

Once she saw that he was ready she went to her computer and a few minutes later she was joined by her boss.

"He is ready," she told him.

"Good. Everything is going as planned."

Jade activated the project protocol and the same bugs that bit Skyler came out of a highly secured room. However, they were being controlled by Jade. She guided them towards Ryan and they started to bite him.

Ryan screamed out in pain but Jade continued her job until Ryan lost consciousness.

"The job is done," her boss said. Jade nodded at him and then guided the bugs back to the highly secured room.

"I was thinking sir," she said as she observed Ryan's motionless body, "what about the other subjects that are out there in the city? Those we didn't manage to get here..."

"With the powers that they will get they will cause chaos and we can recruit them."

"But what's taking them so long sir?"

"Patience my apprentice! All in good time, all in good time."


Skyler paced up and down in her quarters. She knew that she had behaved wrongly but she couldn't help but feel right about the wrong that she had done. She thought back at what happened and was submerged into a cocktail of emotions from feeling guilty for shoving her sister, to knowing she can read minds, to the inner surge of power that she felt and that her hands had become her main weapon. She had nothing to say that could justify her behavior. Frustration and anger had consumed her inner soul and all she wanted to do was get into a time machine and travel back in time. Just then Melanie entered her room, Skyler was relieved to see her but at the same time she did not know what to say.

"I'm sorry," was all she could blurt out to Melanie after a few seconds of silence. Melanie looked at her and smiled sympathetically.

"It's okay Skyler, I'm sure you didn't mean to do what you did," she replied.

That was the problem. Skyler had wanted to destroy everything that was in her midst. She wanted to hurt the General; she wanted to ruin General Williams's life just as much as she had ruined hers. For a short moment, she had wanted to melt the General's face.

"How's Shiloh?" she asked as she tried to change the subject.

"Your sister will be fine. You do owe her an apology though," Melanie replied.

"I know, as soon as I see her I'll apologize." There was silence for a few moments. Skyler tried as much as possible to avoid eye contact with Melanie because she was afraid that she would automatically read into her thoughts.

"Is everything okay Skyler? Something seems to be bothering you," Melanie said. Skyler knew that she could not hide her powers from Melanie.

"Yeah, something is wrong." Skyler said.

"Okay, would you like to tell me what the problem is?" Melanie asked in a slow concerned voice.

"I've always been a mind my own business kind of person, but when I had my little outburst in the debriefing room, I found out that I could read my sister's mind. I knew exactly what she was thinking."

Melanie's eyes widened in shock and in awe, she was both fascinated and scared at the same time. The results of the DNA analysis would give her more details of what was in Skyler's system, but the in depth analysis of her blood particles did not reveal any telepathic powers.

"So that's why you aren't making eye contact with me?" she asked Skyler. Skyler's silence answered Melanie's question.

"Look I know that you are used to handling things on your own," Melanie started off as she placed her hands on Skyler's shoulders, "Shiloh always said that you were the independent type. That's why you decided to take the opportunity you got with regards to your career. But... Things are different now Skyler. You need to learn how to trust the people around you and it would be a great start if you could just let your guard down with me and trust me. I know I trust you, so turn around and look at me. Don't be afraid."

Skyler slowly turned around and looked at Melanie straight into her eyes half expecting to read her thoughts but she could not read anything from Melanie's mind, all she saw was black.

"I don't get it, I can't read your mind," she said in confusion.

"I think it's because you are not emotionally triggered right now," Melanie said. "I think that your powers manifest when you have deep emotional reactions to certain situations... You see, a little trust helps us advance a little more." Skyler looked at Melanie and smiled and Melanie returned the smile.

"Now that we have established some trust, I think it's high time you see what we really do. I'm gonna show you but after that I need to know that I will get your full cooperation and that you will not pull a stunt like the one you did again."

"If you promise to be completely honest and not run around circles with me, I promise you will get my full attention and what happened in the meeting room will not repeat itself." Melanie gave out her hand to Skyler and she shook her hand firmly, but as soon as Skyler's hand touched Melanie's she froze. Not only could she read Melanie's thoughts, but she could see what she had been through in her past, it was as if a chapter of Melanie's deepest darkest secrets had opened up to Skyler. She hurriedly let go of Melanie's hand.

"Is everything alright?" Melanie asked as she noticed Skyler's changed expression.

"What? Um... Yeah everything is okay. I'm just feeling really nervous about this 'new me'."

"I understand, but I promise to help you every step of the way and who knows... Maybe we will end up becoming friends," Melanie replied with a sincere smile on her face.

Skyler tried to hide the guilt she was feeling and gave Melanie a small smile; she just couldn't bring herself to tell Melanie that she now knew everything about her past.

"Okay let's get to the serious tour of this facility, and oh, don't mind the looks you'll get from the other agents, they will trust you eventually, and you just gotta be patient." 

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