CHAPTER 10: The Creator

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Ryan woke chained to a table. The chains were so thick and heavy that he couldn't budge, he couldn't even move his pinky finger. All he could do was stare at the white ceiling above him as he felt cold shivers travelled up and down his spine. Just then he heard a door creak open and he could tell by the footsteps he heard that two people entered the room. 

"Who's there?" he called out in a nervous voice.

"You needn't be afraid, I am here to help you," a voice replied. 

"Help me?" he asked in confusion.

"Yes. I will help you let out your rage. This city has done you wrong. It changed you from a somebody to a nobody. I can help you get your revenge... All you have to do is work for me and I will take you to heights that you've never seen before," the voice replied.

"And if I refuse?" he asked.

"Oh believe me son," the voice told him, "after you see what I can do for you, you will accept my offer. Believe me Ryan."

"How do you know my name?" Ryan asked in a shock.

"I know everything," the voice told Ryan. Ryan finally saw who was talking to him, he was a masked man and standing next to him was a young woman.

"This is my assistant. Her name is Jade. She will help you during the whole process. I can help you Ryan, help you destroy the hurt, shame and rejection that you have inside of you. I can give you power beyond your imagination. Work with me and I will give you a purpose again. You have nowhere to go; I'm not only offering you a job, but a home too. What do you say?"

"Hard for me to say yes to a guy that's wearing a mask," Ryan pointed out.

"Wow! You are actually talking like you have a choice! Dude, you're literally chained to the table," Jade noted with ease. Ryan gulped slowly, he knew that Jade was right and he was sure if he continued to resist, they'd probably just kill him.

"And what would I need to do?" Ryan asked cautiously.

"You'll find out with time... So can we assume that you are on board?" the masked man asked.

"Yeah, I'm in," Ryan replied as he tried to sound confident. 

"Good, very good," the masked man said. "Jade untie him and then bring him to me once all procedures have been completed." Jade nodded as she watched her boss leave the room.

"So does our masked boss have a name?" Ryan asked curiously as Jade started to untie him.

"He is The Creator," Jade replied with a devilish smile.


"You'll understand soon enough Ryan," Jade chuckled, "you'll understand everything soon."


Shiloh's head was aching. Her sister had never hit her before; she kept replaying how Skyler shoved her out of the way in her head. She massaged her forehead with her fingers, Melanie had told her to get some rest, but she couldn't. When Skyler had left her all alone, she thought she could never forgive her sister and had decided to place a stone in her heart with anything that had to do with Skyler.

However, as Shiloh thought about it even more, she realized that she had placed that stone on her heart since they were kids. When she was a little girl Shiloh always thought that her parents preferrred Skyler to her because Skyler prettier than her. Shiloh always thought that Skyler had the complete package with her fair brown skin, light brown eyes, pointed nose and long straight black hair so Shiloh always tried to look her best, especially in front of the parents.

Shiloh had Argentinean roots, well that's what her parents always told her.  Like Skyler she had black hair but she had recently put green highlights in her hair to match her forest green eyes. Her skin was a mixture of light brown and white but Shiloh had always thought that her skin was boring and plain. So as soon as she was old enough she got a tatoo of a green mamba snake with it's fangs wide open on her back. With a tatoo of one of the most deadliest snakes on the planet on her back, Shiloh felt that her body emitted a mystifying vibe and that made her feel good about herself.

"Every single decision I made in my life has always been based on my will to be better than Skyler," Shiloh reflected, "I've never really done anything for myself. Maybe that's why I followed her career, I needed to know what she was doing so I can do better, maybe I didn't miss her at all..." Shiloh let out a huge sigh and ran her fingers through her hair. She knew that Skyler was very unhappy and that everything that went down in the meeting room came from a place of frustration.

She looked at her arm and rubbed it gently; it still had marks on it from Skyler's strength, she was so concentrated on the marks that she didn't realize that Ben and Chelsea had entered the room.

"How are you feeling?" Ben asked sympathetically. Shiloh turned her attention to Ben and Chelsea.

"I'm okay," she replied.

"Are you sure? Your sister shoved you really hard," Chelsea said.

"Yeah I'm fine," Shiloh replied in a defensive tone.

Ben and Chelsea looked at each other.

"If there's something on both on your minds just spit it out," Shiloh told them as she noticed the looks they were giving each other.

"You need to convince the General that your sister is a menace and that she should be exiled to our facility in the Sahara desert," Chelsea said.

"I agree," Ben continued before Shiloh could say anything, "you saw what she did today. It was like she was not even in control of herself, she hurt you and she wanted the General's skin. It's not a good idea to keep her here and for her to integrate our team."

"Instead of helping us to save people, we will have to save people from her. Common Shiloh, I know you agree with what Ben and I are saying." Despite feeling angry at Ben and Chelsea, Shiloh understood their reasoning and how they felt, but no one knew her sister more than she did.

"I understand why you guys doubt her right now and I do agree that she wasn't in control of what she was doing. But that's exactly the point we dunno what the hell is in her right now and we need to understand it to help her. I know my sister, and she may be the most selfish person in the world, but hurting someone physically isn't who she is. So I'm not gonna convince the General to exile my sister. Get that into your heads. I know her and she isn't a killer."

"That was your sister before her life was turned upside down," Chelsea told Shiloh harshly.

"Look think what you want, but I'm not gonna do anything. My sister will stay here. I believe that with time she will come around." With that Shiloh left Ben and Chelsea alone in the med bay.

"If it were someone else she would've totally agreed with us," Chelsea told Ben.

"Yeah, but Skyler is her family and despite everything that she's ever said about her sister, Shiloh still loves her. We need to try and give Skyler a chance, because we both know that if we were in Shiloh's shoes, she would've totally supported us."

"So you've suddenly changed your mind?"

"No. I still think that Skyler is a threat, but she may come around. Let's just be patient."

"Okay, but I will be keeping a close eye on her."

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