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Rule Number Forty-Five: Don't ask for details you'd rather not know.

"Thanks for dropping mom and dad's car off for me" I hummed as I sipped the coffee that Tom had so graciously gotten me.

He was cheery and I took that as a hint that last night had went well. I wasn't sure what 'well' exactly entailed but I wondered if it was signing divorce papers. If it was, it made me hate him more.

I was going to bring up my situation to Ana in the car the other day. To finally tell the truth to her and have her know how much of a fucking liar I was. And that anything she thought she felt for me wasn't real because it was built on false pretenses.

Because I wanted her to make her choice with the truth and not what she thought.

The Range Rover that belonged to my parents that had previously been mine needed to be dropped off to the garage. But I had prior engagements, like looking at an apartment that Ana for some reason wanted my opinion on.

Tom offered to drop me off at a coffee shop down the street from the address she had gave me. He couldn't know who I was seeing so I just told him I had a date with an old fling.

It wasn't a complete lie.

"Don't worry about it man. It's not a big deal, I'm not doing much today anyways" he smiled, there was something going on.

My seatbelt tightened against my chest and I groaned in annoyance. I hated when it locked. I reached behind me to ease up the belt for more room. My hand caught something as I brought it forward.

My eyes bulged out of my head in shock when I realized what it was. It was Ana's panties from the other day. The first thing I thought to do was throw them back in the backseat and wonder later how the fuck they became caught in the seatbelt.

"Underwear?" Tom laughed "You've been busy".

During my stay in New York, I'd been busy all of one night. And these panties didn't reflect that. Although I wish I had been busier.

I awkwardly laughed before deciding to stuff them in my coat pocket. It was a blessing he didn't realize they were his wife's.

The car stopped in front of a busy Starbucks and I bid my goodbyes before jumping out. The streets were slushy after days of snowing and I could feel it begin to soak into my boots.

I opened the door to the high end apartment and new immediately that it was the complete opposite of Ana's taste. The elevator brought me to the top floor and I grew excited to see her.

The doors opened and I walked down the hall to the only open door.  The apartment was massive and highly industrial. It made me smile that she forced herself to do things she hated.

"I love it" I called when I walked in, she stood by the large windows over looking the city sky line.

She smiled and giggled at my expression. I walked forward taking in the place.

"So your buying?" I inquired, maybe it was being bought with alimony.

"Renting" she corrected. My eyebrows rose in surprise "I don't want to do anything permanent. That is until I know what's going on".

She seemed hestitant to tell me that. As if it was a loaded question that she wasn't sure she could answer just yet.

"Anyways" she changed the subject before sitting on the ledge by the window.

"Are you coming this weekend for New Years Eve or will you be gone by then?" She challenged, her gaze fleeting over me before returning back outside.

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