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Rule Number Forty-Four: It's not over until you try.

The period of time after Christmas and right before New Year's was weird. Not long enough to do anything important. And your body felt as if it had run a marathon.

Christmas was weird, I spent it solely with my family. A majority of my time spent playing with GiGi's toys. A simple text came from Tom letting me know he was thinking about me. And numerous texts from Harry wondering when I would see him again because he was leaving soon.

And that explains where I currently was now and where I was headed in a mere thirty minutes.

"You believe it's divorce papers he's going to hand you?" Harry asked.

Traffic was stalled and the steady stream of heat coming from the vent was making me sweat.

"Obviously" I sighed turning to look out the window. "It's for the best anyways".

Tom had cancelled the last time for dinner and it was apparent he had checked out. Tom didn't have a fear of breaking up, he had a fear of letting go.

Did he actually love me? Or was it just an internal chant that he chose to keep?

I loved Tom, but I couldn't wait for eternity for him to make up his mind. The same thing went for Harry. Our time together was limited and the more he spoke about his time in Chicago the more I realized this might have just been a fling.

Where Tom had a hard time letting go, Harry had a hard time admitting to himself what he really wanted. The fool had himself completely convinced he wanted me and Tom together. Which was the exact opposite thing he wanted a year ago.

Any sliver of interest that I thought Harry might have had was completely dissolved by his strange obsession with my marriage and its viability.

The whole thing was a mess.

Harry sighed, anxiously chewing at his thumb nail. The traffic was pushing his short fuse. He took dropping off his mistress to her husband very seriously.

"What's my parting gift when you disappear for another year?" The joke was subtle but it was attempt to ease him.

He didn't take his eyes off the road ahead. His jaw clenched, his hands squeezing the steering wheel.

"An unexpected pregnancy that you can try to pass off as my brother's" he darky joked. I grimced but kept to myself.

Having ideas that was sure to change the mood. I undid by seatbelt and began lifting up my skirt.

"What are you doing? Harry asked annoyed and not the least bit intrigued. "I swear to God if you flash your ass to any of these cars. I will pull the car over".

Jealous Harry was a cute Harry because he loved to pretend that jealously was far too petty for him.

Hooking my fingers into my panties I pulled them down. Before flinging them over into Harry's lap. He picked them up with his hand and look over at me incredously.

"Fill me in" he dead panned.

"That's my parting gift, you can look back on them in fifteen years and remember what it was like to decieve your own flesh and blood".

Harry rolled his eyes before throwing them in the back seat of his car.

We soon arrived at the restaurant and my heart sank a little. A part of me wanted Harry to grab my wrist as I left and beg me to stay with him. That maybe we could go back to his parents house and have messy sex in his childhood bedroom.

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