Ch. 1 Part 2

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Btw i'm not gonna add Beverly to this story until much later so y/n just kinda takes over for her until she does come in.

The next day

Y/n's Pov

richie and i jumped onto our bikes to meet bill and eddie at eddie's house.

"are you excited to see your boyfriend?" richie teased me, as we biked.


"oh, you know. the one and only, eddie spaghetti kaspbrak." richie said in an accent.

"what do you mean? eddie and i are just friends." i chuckled.



"oh nothing." he answered, smugly.

once we got there, we noticed that bill and eddie were stood on eddie's lawn, talking. "hey, losers." richie greeted them. they waved to us and we headed inside.

we went into eddie's kitchen and bill flung a cabinet open.

"take anything but the delicious deals, my mom loves those." eddie said as we grabbed snacks from his cabinet and stuffed them in the bag that bill brought.

"so first you say the barrens now you say the sewers. i don't know about this bill. what if..." eddie turned his attention to the living room doorway and then back at us. "...what if we get caught?"

i watched richie slide his way to a cabinet on the other side of the room.

"the sewers are public works, we're the public, aren't we." bill responded.

"hey eddie." richie spoke up. we all turned to look at him. he had opened a cabinet that was full of eddie's prescription pills. "these your birth control pills?"

"yeah, i'm saving 'em for your sister." eddie blurted out. the room went silent as everyone turned to look at me. richie began to crack up and bill looked genuinely disturbed. eddie's cheeks turned a crimson as he realized what he just said.

"um..." i started.

"i'm so sorry, i-i-i didn't mean to say that." eddie spoke almost too quick for me to understand.

"it's fine..." i mumbled. eddie bit his lip and flung his head to look at richie.

"anyway, this is private stuff." he murmured, slamming the cabinet door shut.

we grabbed the bag of snacks and began walking out of the room. we got to the front door when we heard an all too familiar voice call from eddie's living room.

"eddie dear, where you kids off to in such a hurry?" we turned to see mrs k, eddie's mother sat in the arm chair in the living room.

her eyes stalked me like a hawk. she was always convinced i was gonna hurt eddie or something but i wouldn't do that to him.

   "uh, j-just to my b-b-backyard." bill lied.

   "i-i-i got a new–" bill started, cutting himself off to think of an excuse.

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