Chapter 38

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- Caspar's POV- (the setting is when Joe saw Caspar at the elevator at the end of the previous chapt.)

I made plans to check out the next day, but something urged me to stay a day or two later.

I found a new hobby in calling Joe, and hanging up right before it started ringing. I wondered how he was doing at the apartment. I wondered if he was mad at me. I wondered what he would say when he found out the pregnancy was fake. Each time I called him, I knew I would get all the answers if I had just talked and let him talk back. But for some unexplainable reason, I was petrified.

I was waiting for the elevator, when I pulled out my phone.

CASPAR: Joe call me.

I erased the text message, and didn't send it. The elevator arrived.

A couple girls stood inside of the elevator, "OH MY GOD IT'S TRUE CASPAR LEE IS STAYING AT THIS HOTEL!"

I love my fans, and I love talking to them. But right now I was not in the mood. They started to speak again when the elevator doors closed in front of them. That bought me a couple seconds.

I ran behind a wall, someone near me started to speak, but I covered their mouth. I didn't look to see who's mouth I was covering, I was still on the lookout for the girls.

The elevator doors opened, and one girl said, "Damn we missed him."

"Oh well, my mom hates when we're late anyway."

She pressed a button and the doors closed once more. I let out a deep breath, and removed my hand covering the strangers mouth.

"Sorry," I started to turn to face the stranger,"I just-"

"Caspar Lee it is not like you to hide away from fangirls." He wore a wide smile but his voice was trembling. Was Joe perhaps nervous?

"Wait, Joe? JOE? Why are you here?" I resisted every urge in my body that wanted to hug him.

"I don't know I guess I thought, you and Gaby might want some alone time or... Something I guess." He shifted his weight awkwardly from side to side, "So are you? With Gaby here I mean?"

"Gaby isn't pregnant. She's not here with me." I knew the answers were missing a lot of information, but I couldn't help it. I could barely breathe. Joe was literally taking my breath away. From his uncombed hair, to his wide eyes, the way he tilted his head up slightly to look at me. I was feeling the familiar rush from all of it.

Joe didn't pry for deeper answers, "So I guess..." His sentence trailed off. Neither of us knew what to do or say next.

"I suppose we should go to one of our rooms so we're not just here in the open hallway." I forced a grin. I was dying inside. In a matter of days being separated, we had grown so far apart. Somehow I felt more emotionally attached to him than ever though.

"Well, my room is right there," he pointed to a room a door down, "so I guess we could chill there."

I nodded, scared if I spoke again my voice would reveal my nervousness.

After we were both sitting comfortably in his room, I built up the courage to speak again, "So how have your days been? Good to be away from me?"

"It's been the absolute worst being apart from you. I did a lot of thinking. About myself I mean."

I couldn't read his tone of voice. Thinking about himself? What did he mean by that? Thinking about his feelings towards me maybe? Possibly he didn't feel the same way about me anymore?

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