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"You've never slept over at my house," Keanu says as we sit on her couch. She's snuggled up into my chest and my arms around her.

"That's a lie. I snuck in one time."

"Oh that's right."

We don't really hang out at Keanu's place all too much. Only when we're home alone because her parents are a lot more strict about dating rules and things.

"I don't think your parents would allow it though." I move so that I'm facing her more. She as well moves off my chest to sit up and face me.

"Sure they would. They know more about you now and your family. Besides, they let me sleep at yours all the time. Worst comes to worst, spare bedroom."

"Yes because I want to sleepover all so I can sleep in another room."

She smiles lightly and nuzzles her head into my neck. "How about tonight."

I can feel her warm breath on my neck.

"I suppose."

"Great," she shoots up. "I'll call my mom right now and won't take no for an answer."

She hops up off the couch and with her phone, heads to the other rooms to call her mom. Whilst I wait, I go through the options on Netflix. She likes watching The Office but I find it just painfully awkward and the boss guy is kind of super annoying.

However, if I said that to her she would actually fight me.

She returns a bit later all giddy. "She said yeah."

"Okay. I better go home to grab clothes to sleep in because I'm not sleeping in these."

"Just wear a pair of Leo's pants."

"One, no. And two, I need a toothbrush and to change my boxers and all that shit.

"Yeah okay, fine," she mumbles.

She gives me a small peck on the lips before I hop off the couch pulling the keys out of my pocket as I go.

Once I'm outside and walking to my car parked further down in the drive way and I walk past Leo.

Neither of us say anything and I just kinda nod my head a bit.

Driving home takes a bit and I'm kind of distracted day dreaming. Somehow and luckily I didn't run into a tree or something.

I hang around the house for a bit because nobody's home. Dad is up at the cottage this weekend with mom.

Keanu should've come to my house this weekend.

I call Aleks and chat with him for like ten minutes before Keanu calls me asking where I am.

"On my way," I say before hanging up.

Sighing, I slip my shoes on before grabbing my keys. Once I'm back to my car I throw my bag into the passenger seat and drive all the way back to Keanu's house.

An hour later Keanu and I are back to lounging around the house. At no point do I see Leo which makes sense because before a couple weeks ago I'd never seen him other then family photos in which the twins are just kids.

"I think my parents were invited to your parents' cottage," Keanu says looking at her phone and walking around the kitchen island to wring her arm around me and lean forward to kiss me. "We might have the house to ourselves." She whispers into my ear. Her hot breath makes me a little uncomfortable. "Well, except for Leo but he's never home anyway."

"Speaking of? Where'd he go I saw him earlier."

"Probably the garage." She shrugs moving away from me and back into the kitchen whilst looking at her phone. "Aw crud they're not going because my nana's here this weekend."

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