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You had heard Vison's voice before you saw him, which was doing both of you a major disservice; if you had been able to see him and his condition and could also understand better what had happened to him, the conversation would have begun much differently. Happy had stayed at the compound with you so that you could be more comfortable, but also because he was scared of what was happening in the world beyond the walls that were safer than any other. You had locked yourself away in your room, waiting for Vision and Wanda to come home to collect you, not wanting anyone to see just how broken you were at the loss of your dad and your best friend without even a hint of warning.

They had to know that you would do anything you could to find them and bring them home. You may have been only nine-years-old, but you had been around your dad in his lab enough to have learned a few tricks here and there. Once Vision got here, you could maybe convince him that you were good and that he didn't need to babysit so that you could get to work. The adults may have found it ridiculous to think that someone of your age could find answers that eluded them, but you were a Stark, and you couldn't care less about what they all thought.

That idea to work fell apart nearly as quickly as you had devised it once you saw Vision. He looked like he was hiding something, his posture very rigid and his expression different in a way that you couldn't quite place. His hand was awkwardly resting on his side, tucked safely away under the edge of his cape so that his secret was effectively hidden from view. Once he saw you in return, his expression softened and he walked with relief towards you, as if he hadn't been sure that this moment would happen again.

"(Y/N), are you alright?"

"I'm fine."

"I am so very sorry to hear about your father and Mr. Parker," he continued softly. "I'm certain that this is quite difficult-"

"I said, I'm fine. Uncle Happy has taken care of me, so I'm not sure why you're here. He's doing a good job, so you can go back to whatever it is that you're doing with the team." He had chosen Wanda one too many times, when he had sworn to keep you safe, and he would have to earn your trust back.

"Mr. Stark's directions were clear. And...I-I wanted to see you," he groaned, his voice faltering with static and an eerie mechanical tone behind it; it was the same sound of the final time you had heard JARVIS, and it put you into an immediate panic. You swore that you saw the light in his eyes flicker and fail as you watched him pause to sit. When his hand shifted enough for you to see the massive tear in his suit and the sparking wires beneath it, you were awash in both regret and terror.

"Viz? What's wrong?"

"I will be alright, (Y/N). There's nothing to worry about."

"I can see that there is! What happened?"

"Nothing to concern yourself with, (Y/N). Please, I just need a moment-"

"Stop lying to me!" you burst out unexpectedly. "I'm tired of everyone babying me! I know when something is wrong, alright? My dad and Pete are lost in space, Uncle Happy is scared to go outside, and you're really hurt."

He glanced back to Wanda, as if looking for guidance, but she offered none. She knew as well as he did that you were appealing to the JARVIS within him, forcing the parental side to come through for you and to be honest like he always had been. "(Y/N)-" he began, but was again halted by a wave of circuit failures. Wanda knelt at his side and waved her hand slowly over him, trying her best to heal the wound in any way that she could.

"Vision," you began again, only this time much softer and kneeling before him, "tell me what's happening, please. I can handle it."

"You are too wise for your own good," he whispered, "you get that from your father."

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