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Mulan lead us to a chest full of different types of weapons.
‘’Choose wisely. We must be diligent to survive the journey’’ Mulan said.
I was always better with a sword, i was also good with a bow, thanks to Peter's training. I decided on the sword, seemed like the best option.
‘’Where's my gun?’’Emma asked’’I want it back’’
Mulan took it out of her belt and looked at it weird’’Is it magic?’’
‘’Depends on who's pulling the trigger’’ Emma said taking the gun.
'’Follow my lead. Follow my every step, do what I say and you might survive’’
Well isn’t she a ray of sunshine! She's a little intense.
‘’Thanks for the pep talk but I think we are okay. I just killed a dragon last week’’ Emma said and I rolled my eyes
‘’Have you seen an ogre?’’Mulan asked
‘’I'm pretty sure I have dated a few’’
That caused me to chuckle a little and snow hit my side and giving me a look, making me stop laughing.
‘’Legend has it that when they kill you the last thing you see is yourself dieing in the reflection in there eyes’’
Hahaha, yeah right i'm pretty sure that’s not true.
‘’lets walk’’
She was just trying to scare us.’’It will be dark soon’’
‘’It's alright Emma shes just trying to make you afraid’’i said as we walked behind Mulan.
‘’I wont let anything happen to us’’Snow said’’stick to the plan’’
‘’What is the plan?’’Emma asked’’you haven’t told us anything what's going on?’’
‘’The wardrobe’’snow said
‘’The wardrobe? You mean the one that sent little baby Emma to Maine?’’I asked, pointing to Emma.
‘’Can it get us back to Storybrooke?’’Emma asked
‘’I don’t know, first we have to see if it survived the curse then we worry about making it work’’Snow said.
‘’Where is it?’’I asked
‘’My place’’Snow replied. Her place? Like the castle? Our castle?
‘’Want to see where your from Emma. That’s right we are going home’’
We had been walking for a little while and I was growing tired by every step.
‘’This should do. We will make camp here for the night. We just need to get water and collect firewood’’Mulan said
‘if we are hiding from ogres shouldn’t we not start a fire?’’Emma asked
‘’ogres are blind. They only rely on sound’’I said looking at Emma
‘’Right because that’s something everyone would know about ogres’’Emma replied and Snow walked up to Emma.
‘’I know you’re a little out of you're element’’
‘’I'm fine’’Emma argued and Snow sighed
‘’I know. Maybe you and Roselina should stay while we get wood and water’’Snow said
‘’Hey, why do I have to stay!’’I said putting my hand on my hip, pouting.
‘’It’s the safest place Rose, we will be right back’’Snow said and her and Mulan walked away.
‘’I guess they think i'm unreliable’’I said crossing my arms and rolling my eyes. Snow still sees me as this little princess but she doesn't know what I had to deal with in Neverland. Peter and the lost boys taught me to fight. I might still have the princess elgence but if I need to I can kick some ass.
‘’How long where you gone anyways?’’Emma asked and I shrugged
‘’Neverland time is different than the time here. From what I think it was about 8 years or so. I was taken to the land at 17 the age I look now’’I said as I started walking towards where Snow was walking.
‘’What are you doing?’’Emma asked
‘’Following them. I don’t care what Snow said we can help to’’I said and Emma walked beside me.
‘’I understand that your way out of your element. I was when I was in Neverland. I was brought up to be royal. I hadn’t have any dirt on my since I was very little and when I was in Neverland we don’t have castles and every luxury that I had here and it was hard. All I wanted to do was go home but I stuck it out and I learned’’
‘’So you didn’t like Neverland?’’she asked
‘’I loved it. At first yes I didn’t but I grew to love it once I fell in love’’
‘’Wait you fell in love? With who?’’
‘’Peter Pan’’I said smiling at her.
 ''Wait, like red hair, green hat, flying around with a fairy, Peter Pan?''
''He doesn't actually look like that, Peter is much, much darker''i said

 It was dark now and we spotted Snow, Mulan and Aurora? I thought Mulan told her to stay at camp?  Snow was on the ground and Mulan had her knife out. Emma took her gun and shot it in the air and then pointed it to Mulan.
‘’Drop the weapon’’Emma said.
‘’What are you doing?!’’Snow and I exclaimed together.
‘’Protecting you’’Emma said
‘’Do you have any idea what you just did’’Snow and I heard a ogre growl. The ogre wouldn’t have found us if Emma didn’t shoot the stupid gun.
‘’Run!’’Snow yelled and we all took off running. I pushed myself to run as fast as i could.
‘’Split up!’’Snow yelled and Mulan and Aurora went one way and Emma, Snow, and i  went the other way. My heart was literately pumping out of my chest.
‘’Over there’’snow said pointing to under the trees and I ran to that spot right behind her.  I looked behind me to check on Emma but she wasn't there.
‘’Snow! Emma's gone!’’I yelled and she turned around and we ran back the other way and Emma was on the ground and ogre was about to get her. Snow whistled and the ogre turned toward us.
‘’Stay away from my daughter!’’Snow yelled. She set her bow and arrow up and then shot it in the ogres eye. The only way to kill them. The ogre screamed out in pain and fell to the floor.
‘’You have to shoot them in the eye’’Snow said
‘’When was the last time you shot a arrow?’’Emma asked
‘’28 years ago. I guess its like riding a bike’’Snow said
‘’yeah, but how did you know you could hit that?’’Emma asked
‘’I didn’t’’Snow said and she looked at us’’Next time listen to me. That kinda thing isn’t going to work here’’
‘’Yeah’’Emma said still shocked.
‘’We should get going’’I said and we walked off to find Mulan and Aurora.
We caught up to them and where walking to Snow and David's castle. I had hoped that it would be my castle, my childhood home but that is not what Snow meant.
‘’Aurora you have to keep up’’Mulan said
‘’Sorry i'm not dressed for the woods’’Aurora said’’It's cold out here’’
‘’Well maybe you should have listened to me and stayed back’’Mulan said. She didn't have to talk to her like that.
We where on the edge of a cliff and I saw a castle. This must be Snow and David's castle.
‘’Right here’’I said and Emma and Aurora caught up.
‘’Is that it?;’’Emma asked
‘’Yeah, That’s our home’’Snow said
It was a beautiful castle but i longed for my childhood castle, but i can't focas on castles. I should focas on getting to Storybrooke, but most of all, I need to get to Neverland.

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