Ch. 1 Part 1

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June, 1989

Y/n's Pov

   i walked out of the social studies room alongside my brother, richie tozier and two of our best friends; bill denbrough and eddie kaspbrak.

   "so h-how d-d-does stan's b-b-bar mitzvah w-work again?" bill asked for the thousandth time.

   "they slice the tip of his dick off." eddie answered, in his usual speedy voice.

   "that can't be true! he'd have nothing left." my twin brother, richie joked. i heard bill and eddie snickered at his comment.

   "shut up." i exclaimed, playfully.

   stan uris ran up behind us and pushed in between bill and eddie.

   "hey stan! how does your bar mitzvah work again? ed's says that they cut the tip of your dick off! it's like the rabbi pulls your pants down and turns to the crowd 'where's the beef?'" richie chuckled. we all laughed, in response.

"i read from the torah, say a speech, and all of a sudden i'm a man." stan answered with pride.

   "i can think of funner ways to become a man and it all starts with eddie's mom." richie smirked at eddie, who now had an angry expression on his face.

   "you mean 'more fun'?" stan corrected him, slyly. bill gestured towards the group of assholes that were watching us from the leaders locker.

   the leader of the group, henry bowers gave us all evil smirks as his three friends; belch huggins, patrick hockstetter, and victor criss all laughed at us.

   "you think they'll sign my yearbook?" richie joked. "'dear richie, sorry for taking a hot, steamy dump in your book bag last march. have a great summer! love, henry!'"

   we snickered at my brothers sarcastic comment as we exited the school and darted towards the trash cans that sat outside.

   we all unzipped all backpacks open and started to empty them out in the bin.

   "best feeling ever." stan grinned.

   "yeah? try tickling your pickle for the first time." richie laughed.

   "gross." eddie and i whined, in unison.

   i looked up at eddie and saw that he was already staring at me and smiling. i flashed a grin at him and turned my head to look at richie.

   after we finished emptying our bags, we threw our bags back on our backs and turned to face each other.

   "what are we all gonna do over summer?" eddie asked, clutching his backpack straps.

   "Training." richie answered, immediately.

   "for what?" eddie smiled a little.

   "Streetfighter." richie smiled.

   "thats how you wanna spend your summer? stuck in an arcade?" eddie's smile faded.

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