Chapter Fourteen

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As Percy and the other demigods were exiting the constellation room, a guard walked up to them. "General Jackson, Lord Kronos requests your presence in the throne room." She said before bowing and turning away. Percy's eyes were wide with fear. "Hey, hey." Juliana comforted, setting her hands on Percy's shoulders. "It'll be alright. We'll be right there with you, and if Lord Kronos tries anything, we'll fight with you, okay?" Percy nodded, closing his eyes and regaining his correct breathing rhythm.

They slowly walked until they got to the throne room, Percy sticking his hand in his pockets to feel Katastrofí, still in pen form. The weight was a familiar, comforting weight that gave the feeling of safety. When the doors swung open, Percy and Kronos made dead eye contact. "Leave us." Kronos ordered the guards and the other demigods. "Why should they?" Percy challenged.

"You know, Jackson, you talk bold for someone who should be dead right now."

Percy's eyes darted towards the other demigods nervously before he said, "It's alright, guys. Go ahead and go." The demigods nodded hesitantly, Juliana giving Percy a big hug before they left. The guards exited after them with a quick bow to Kronos and a salute to Percy.

"Come here, Jackson." Kronos ordered. Percy slowly walked towards the Titan. "Here's what's gonna happen. You are a threat to my reign. You are a threat to all order here. You are a threat to my entire empire I've built from nothing." Percy gulped as Kronos paused. "But you're also the biggest threat possible to the gods, and for that, you are necessary to me. That is why I chose you as my personal." The Titan completed.

"I'm going to give you two options, understood?" Percy clenched his jaw. Kronos started, "Option One: You serve as my General, but the next time your emotions get out of control, you go through the cleansing process. The cleaning process basically wipes away your ability to feel such emotions, leaving you a master of your powers but emotionless. Even without such feelings as love, or jealousy, you could still be a great General. Then we have Option Two: I kill you here and now and use you as an example by stealing your power for myself."

"I'd like Option One, please." Percy hissed out immediately. "Good choice, Jackson." Kronos sung teasingly. "You are dismissed. Inform Santos that it's time for Lieutenant 3's debriefing." Percy nodded and turned to leave. "Jackson." Kronos's voice was commanding. "Yes?" Percy snapped back. "You are under new orders to never interact with Lieutenant 3, understood?" Kronos asked. Percy smirked. Sure. He thought. "Yes." He said out loud before exiting the throne room. As soon as the doors closed behind him, Percy scoffed lightly.

If there was anything Kronos should have taken away from being Percy's Voice, it was that Percy had a very blatant disregard for authority.

The other demigods rushes up to Percy. "Are you alright?" Asher asked instantly. It seemed the shy guy was warming up to Percy already. "Yeah, I'm cool. Juliana, Kronos told me to tell you that it was time for Lieutenant 3's debriefing." Percy repeated the massage. Juliana's eyebrows furrowed slightly. "That's it?" She questioned cautiously. "Yep. He also told me to, like, never interact with the Lieutenant but obviously that's a bullshit rule that I have no intention of following." Percy said with a shit-eating grin.

"Percy, you don't understand." Noah protested. "There's a reason you two aren't supposed to meet." Arabella added. "The Fates have already determined too much of my life; I'm not about to let some Titan decide a part of it too. Lead me to Lieutenant 3, guys." Percy argued back. All the others looked at each other nervously. "We could get in some deep shit for this." Rynn stayed levelly, looking Percy dead in the eyes. "Who would hurt you for it, Kronos? I could kick his ass in an instant. We all know this." Percy said with a rolling of his eyes.

Everyone looked at Asher subconsciously for some reason. "I mean, the guy's got a point. He could do the weird Darth-Vader-Force choke-hold thing on Our Lord if he came after us." Asher explained quickly. With a sigh, Arabella said, "Juliana?" The girl looked up to the daughter of Ares. "Take us to Lieutenant 3, please."

Slowly, the six walked down winding hallways and dark corridors until they got to a single room at the end. "If this person's a lieutenant, why aren't they in the section with the others?" Percy asked. Everyone else's eyes widened and looked fearful. "Because... because he's also a prisoner." Arabella whispered. Percy tilted his head back a little in surprise. "A major officer in the Kronosian a prisoner?" Percy asked for clarification. Everyone nodded.

Carefully, Juliana opened the door. "Let me go in first. Wait 30 seconds then come in." She muttered, closing the door behind her. Percy held his breath in nervousness, face turning so red that Rynn has to smack him on the back and remind him to breathe.

"Thirty!" Asher announced, pulling his gaze away from his watch. Everyone trickled into the room. When Percy laid eyes on whom he assumed was Lieutenant 3, everything around him seemed to freeze.

Dear gods, was he looking in a mirror?

Mindlessly, Percy slowly walked closer. All the others had scattered to the sides, anxiously watching the exchange. Percy's eyes ran over every detail of Lieutenant 3, tracking each and every gulp, eye twitch, or glance he made. He watched the sea-green eyes flicker between himself and the other demigods nervously. He watched the dark, raven hair tousle a little every time Lieutenant 3 moved his head too quickly. He watched the way that the other's hands twiddled with the hem of his shirt anxiously, a habit that Percy himself had as well.

Oh my gods. Percy repeated that three word phrase in his head over and over again until he was sure all knowledge he had ever possessed had left his mind, only remembering the only three words that could explain his shock. Cutting the tense silence, Lieutenant 3 stuck his hand out for Percy to shake.

"Hello, Percy. I'm Andronicus Jackson."

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