CHAPTER 2: Stranger danger

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"Two birds of a feather, flock together."
-Idiots with common sense

OCTOBER 31, 2021

"Girl come on." My room mate pulled at me as we walked through the crowded crowd.

We were at the mall getting prepared for this nice was constume party that's suppose to go down at my roommate cousin shit.

"Kierra chill the store not gone move." I laughed excusing my self pushing through the people to get into this off brand clothing store Kierra been telling me about.

I met Kierra freshman year of College and we hit it off real good. I found out that she was actually from here but we have the same middle name she automatically said we was friends.

K I E R R A  👆🏽💓

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K I E R R A  👆🏽💓

I didn't have no problems with it either. I was starting to portray Milan before gangbanging while she was just this hood but classy fine ass bitch I call my friend now a days.

The store we ended up in was crowded then a bitch and I was ready to leave all ready. "No."

"Indy come on I'm not finna fuck with you right now. We need to find you a sexy outfit for this party."

"I'm chill on that I rather go to party city or something and have then get me a fortnite costume." I said not wanting to search.

"Girl please cut that bull shit. Here this look good and look at them hotties they gone look girl." She said handing me a red dress.

The dress was cute so I took it and she followed me to the dressing room.

On the way there I bumped into some big ass nigga with tattoos on his face. He was fine as hell, he had corn rolls in his head and his eyes pierced my soul. His pink lips looked so suck a ball and to top it off he just had this look to him. A look like he would fuck my life up. "Damn can I get my face back." He mugged me shutting all that shit down.

I mugged him back looking at him still. "Can I have my fucking hand back?" He let go of my hand still mugging me. "Oscar the Grouch looking ass nigga." I mumbled walking away from him.

"Yeah ight, you box shaped ass bitch." He disappeared before I could turn back around and clip him.

"Girl chill that nigga ain't shit to play with don't fuck with him." Kierra said pulling me away and into the dressing room.

"Bitch he bet not fuck with me the fuck. Box shaped, I wish the fuck I was." I fussed as she chuckled. "What's funny bitch?" I mugged her.

"The fact you don't know who that is."

"Should I care?"

"Yea if I was you I would. That nigga or his friends are no good. Stay away from him sis." She warned me as I slipped out the fashion nova dress I had on.

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