Niall's POV:

"It's always a good time, oh oh oh oh oh oh" I hum to myself and then grab my guitar in the corner of the room. I play random songs and sigh, what can I do today? Karo is out, she will be back soon though. 

Karo is my best friend, like, my bestie forever. I know her for quite a few years now. We're both in the last year of high school and we've known each other from he beginning of High School.

"What am I going to do today..." I stand up and walk to my room. I decide to take a shower and strip out off my clothes, step inside and wash my hair. I step out of the shower and put on boxers. I frown, looking at myself.

I really need to go to the gym. I mean, I'm not fat, but I'm not muscular like a lot of boys in my year. 

Can that be because I'm gay?

No that'll be weird, being gay can't change your body, right? I hope not so... It's quite a sunny day so I get shorts and a red shirt. I like this shirt, it's hugging my body tightly and shows off the little muscles I have. I style my hair with gel  and pull few weird faces in my mirror.

I hear the door open and close downstairs. "NIALL!" I hear Karo's cheery voice and I smile. "Up here!" I yell back and I hear her coming up the stairs. She opens the door and I instantly notice that her expression is shining more then ever.

"Karo...?" I ask and walk over to her. "What did you do?" I ask cautiously. "Nothing...but I found someone" she says and I grin. 

"Dahw did you find a lover?" I ask her and she chuckles and shakes her head. "No silly, I found someone, for you" she says and my smile instantly faints. I look down and shuffle my feet.

"You know...I'm not dating.." I say and she sighs. "I know Ni, but he's so lovely, and very handsome." she says and I look up. "I miss something there..." I say and she laughs.

"And so gay!" she cheers and falls down on her back on the bed. "You deserve someone like him Ni, he's perfect" she says and I raise an eyebrow.

"Sounds more like you have a crush on him Karo" I say and smile at her. "Gosh Niall you know I don't turn that way!" she says and I roll my eyes. "you never know." I say and stick my tongue out at her.

"And we're going to Nandos, now" she says and my eyes grow wide. "YES LET'S GO!" I shout and drag her up from my bed. "Wait Ni let me fresh up" she complains. "You look fine, wait..." I say and stop our in our tracks. I go with my hand through her hair a couple times. "Sexy, now lets go" I say and she chuckles at my eager behaviour.

We walk through the streets of London. We share an apartment together and I love living with her. She's the best friend you can imagine. It's funny, I'm gay and she's lesbian. We just clicked immediately and I'm very glad I met her.

She helps me through everything. Sad moments we shared together, we supported each other and got through everything.

I grin when I see the familiar Nandos board and begin running. "Gosh Niall!" Karo says and rolls her eyes at my childish behaviour.

We reach the restaurant and I rush inside. "A table for 2" I say and Karo smiles. "Hello Niall, nice to see you again" Jacky says and I grin at her. Everyone knows me here, the waiters and even the manager. 

She leads us to a table and I sit down. Karo has a weird smile on her face, her eyes sparkling. "What are you thinking about?" I ask curious. "You'll see in about 2 minutes" she says and I frown. "What are you up to..?" I ask and she chuckles. "It's something good, you'll see" she says and tucks some of her hair brown behind her ear.

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