Chäpter Sëvën

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^^Black is Arion, ^^Brown is Apollo

Evangeline's P.O.V

I looked back over my shoulder in a quick whirl of my torso while Apollo continued his race through the night.

The bridge was long behind us now, the only thing resembling the river being the rushing and pounding of my heart. If whoever was chasing me were to see who I was, or who I was riding, Apollo would be taken from me. He would be killed.

My heart ached at the thought, the fear of this possible reality spurring my boots again into Apollo's sides. My hair blew out behind me, my cheeks no longer wet with tears and my heart no longer troubled. No, now, it was just panic that seeped down below my skin.

"Come on Polly!" I shouted, casting another stray look behind me.

Whoever was following us was right on our tail, their horse equally as fast Apollo, and it's rider equally as skilled as I.

I pulled my bottom lip between my teeth in worry as my mind raced, thoughts shooting around wildly. Finally, a clear one rose up out of them all and presented itself in front of all of the others.

If there was no way to outrun them, then I must lose the somehow...

A breeze blew from the West, softly lifting my hair up off my shoulders.

I looked over in the direction and was nearly blinded with the last remnants of sunlight.

The bright orange and crimson light shone through the woods branches and cast a warm glow on my face and all along the branches of the many trees that filled the woods.

The woods..

A small smile formed in my face and without breaking Apollo's stride, I leaned forward and clutched his mane. My finger sank into the course strands easily and my hands tightness over one of the many braids that littered his neck. When my hold was that of iron, I slowly lifted myself up and off his back, keeping my feet in the stirrups and my hands in his mane. My hips hovered over his back as I turned and waited for the perfect opening.

When I saw a small gap appear in the trees, I leaned strongly to west, the only thing keeping me tethered to his back being my feet and hands.

Apollo transitioned smoothly, his steps never faltering as I veered him in the woods.

I dropped myself back on his back and took hold of his reigns. I whipped the reigns and pushed my portfolio horse even faster. He dodged the trees and logs with ease, the familiar terrain dissolving any of his probable uncertainty.

We rode directly in the direction of the setting sun, it's lightly nearly blinding me. Instead of making me panic though, it calmed my raging heart since it meant the rider behind me couldn't see either.

I leaned down on Apollo's Becka and wrapped my arms around his neck, blocking my eyes from the light. I leaned forward slightly and towards his ear.

"Take us home boy."

He let out a loud whinny as he pushed himself even faster, but cut to the right now, making us ride alongside the suns light.

My heart began to finally calm when a loud whinny appeared in front of us, along with the large body of a black horse charging straight for us.

How did he get in front?! He didn't pass and he didn't make a loop either; that would've taken far longer than anyone could imagine!

I gasped and took hold of Apollo reigns, pulling him to the side so we would simply pass by them, but Apollo wouldn't budge. I yanked again, this time on his mane, but he continued his straight path.

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