CHAPTER 1: Wake up

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"Every bird has to leave the nest."
-someone who wants someone to stay put, but can't act on it.



Don't tell me that's what I think that is.


It is what I think it is oh my.


Jesus I'm here again.

I'm really done fucking with people. All people that way I won't get into no shit with nobody.

I opened my eyes to see Michael in the chair sitting down and I looked at him in hatred.

I remeber everything. From him hitting me to the fucking car accent.

Oh my God Hirem. He got up and rushed to my aid but I pushed him off. "Don't touch me." I told him with a horse throat.

He looked at me hurt. "Milan Im sorry."

"I don't care. You put your hands on me over some drugs when you do the same shit." I cussed at him with a banging head. "Get out my face please I don't wanna see you."

"Well we gotta talk some time."

"We'll cross that bridge when I move, other than that leave me alone." I turned my head since I couldn't move anything else.

I hated the feeling of my numbed leg and I hated the cast on my arm because it itches like hell.

Why the fuck did I go back to what I wanted to get out of in the first place.

"Aye India. I see you doing good." Anthony said coming into the room with the doctors and the policemen.

"I've been better." I said kissing his cheek. "What can I help y'all with?" I ask with a mug.

"Hi, im officer Smith and this is detective James Artun. Ms. Carter we have to ask you some questions regarding to the accident."

"Can you chill with the questions please? She just woke up." Anthony asked before I could even open my mouth.

"Honestly we can't. We've been waiting for this for three months and into regarding with some one dying in her old room-"

"Somebody died in my old room?" I asked looking around. "Who died that I should know about?"

"Milan can we talk about that later?" Michael asked me with a sorrowful look.

"No, I want to know now." I demanded. They all looked at each other until they just stopped and told me.

"So who killed him."

"A man by the name of Giovanny King-"

"G5 came and seen me?" I said with pools in my eyes. "And now he in jail for killing Hayes, why did he even kill Hayes."

"That's another thing we have to talk to you about." The police officer said looking at me. "Why would Hayden want to kill you?"

"I don't know." I said as a tear dropped from my eye. "Can't G5 be let go with self defense he was trying to protect me."

"Its not that easy Ms. Carter. Giovanny was wanted all over the country. And he confessed to the murder."

"Y'all need to get out my face, I'm not talking to no cops or nothing leave me alone." I said looking away from them.

They were still here I until I threw the remote at the wall and yelled, "GET OUT."

As they walk out the door I stay on the bed looking at the Tv as tears fall out my eyes.

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