Observing The SURGERY

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Laura's POV 

I go in a room in which all the other three patients are in, Eric is with Lisa, I walk up to them and close the curtain behind us.

"Hey." I say.

"Hey." He says. "How's Skylar's patient?"

"We're ordering a CT." I say. "Her BP is still high and pressure is still racing, how's your patient?"

"I'm right here!" Says Lisa, the other patient. "And I have a name! It's Lisa!"

"Sorry, Lisa." I say.

"She's okay, she just needs Facial laceration.'" He says.

"Okay." I say.

"I am so kicking Maxine and Danielle off of the team." She muters.

"Why?" I ask. "We all make mistakes, are you sure there isn't anything else...?"

"N-no." She shakes her head.

"The stuttering threw you off." I say. "There's something else."

"Fine, Maxine and I are friends ever since Elementary." She says. "But, after Maxine met Danielle, they have been hanging out more than Maxine and I ever did."

"So..." I say. "You're jealous?"

"NO!" She yells, kinda. "Okay...maybe a bit."

"Well, you should talk to them." I say. "Or just Maxine, tell her how you feel."

"Okay..." She says. "Thank you."

"No problem." I smile.

I open the curtain and walk out going to the other patient, but Eric stops me for a second.

"That was really good." He says.

"Not as good as Skylar." I say.

"What?" He asks.

"When we were with Maxine, Skylar managed to calm her down easily." I explain.

"Huh, really..." He says, I raise my eyebrow. "Well, everyone around the hospital knows Skylar as the person that doesn't really care about her patients, I don't since I'm her best friend."

"Really?" I ask. "Then they are wrong, because from what I saw, she looked like she cared."

"Huh." He smirks at me.

"What?" I ask.


"Tell me!"

"Goodbye, I'm going to my patient now!"

"Please!" I beg but he walks away, still smirking at me.

I roll my eyes and go to Cara and her patient, Danielle. I walk up to them and close the curtain.

"Hey, how's Danielle?" I ask.

"She's good, she just has some tenderness in her abdomen, so I did an ultrasound." She says. "She's okay, I took care of it."

"Okay." I smile. 

"How's Maxine?" Asks Danielle. "I saw you guys were rushing her to another room, you guys were kinda panicking."

"I will discuss that with all of you." I say. "After I check up on Chelsea, but she's stable right now."

"Okay..." She says.

I walk out and open the curtains fully, I go to David, who has Chelsea. I close the curtain again.

"How's it going?" I ask.

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